Loving Masala Bhangra


Look who I met!


It’s Sarina Jain – founder and creator of the Masala Bhangra workout. Perhaps you’ve seen her on Fit TV?? ;)

I had the pleasure of not only doing her Masala Bhangra workout for the first time on Friday…I also got to hang out with her a bit before the class. She is a total doll – so sweet, genuine, and full of positive energy! Sarina has one of those personalities that just make you smile.


And what an inspiration she is, too!


Sarina created the Masala Bhangra workout after losing her dad at an early age of 47 to heart disease.

Masala means “spicy” in Hindi and Bhangra is a traditional dance from Punjab, India.


Firday was my first ever time trying the Masala Bhangra workout. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect since I pretty much do 100% Zumba nowadays. The only thing I’d heard was that the MB class was different from Zumba in that in Zumba, we have particular routines choreographed for certain songs. In MB, you learn one routine over the course of the class.


The class started off with a personal introduction by Sarina. And next thing you know, we did some easy warm up steps and quickly moved into learning our routine for the evening. We learned one section, repeated it, then added on a new section, and repeated all sections…repeat until you have about 10 different sections of a routine and you’re doing one big routine.

The music was a lot different from Zumba, too. Obviously, there’s the style difference (Latin vs Bhangra), but the songs in MB were all non-vocal whereas Zumba ones are 99% vocal. Also, we play 15-16 songs in one playlist (for a 60 minute class). In MB, we started out with a couple songs that played for a long time at a slightly slower beat. Then, once we had most of the routine down, we moved on to new songs with a faster beat (that was still easy to follow).


The class was SO fun! I really loved it. I thought the music was great and really energy-pumping. The routine moves were interesting and easy to follow with little instruction (sort of like Zumba). I liked the concept of learning a routine over the course of the class. It makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something to be able to do an entire routine with the rest of the group. But one of the best parts was Sarina herself! So much life! So much energy! She made the class amazing and made sure everyone had a blast.

Balle balle! :)

Click here to learn more about Masala Bhangra and watch a video with snippets from a class to see what it’s like (and see what Sarina is like!).


To celebrate all the wonderful experience we just enjoyed, I went with several friends from class to get Indian food at Jaipur Indian Restaurant.

(PS My camera battery died during class, so the rest of these photos are from my iPhone)


They had a buffet, which I love for my newbie friends. If you’ve never had Indian before, buffet is the way to go because you can try samples of several different dishes and figure out what you like. (Not to mention, you can have multiple desserts that!)


I had a vegetable dumpling, chicken tikka masala, chana masala (and I posted my recipe for this dish – click to view), saag paneer, and rice.


The restaurant took great care of our party of 9 and even brought us not one…


…but TWO types of naan just for our table! We had one plain naan and one with garlic and cilantro.


They even gave us our own vegetable pakora!


Me and Liz.


And I tried something new – Indian ice cream with a tapioca topping, gulab jamun, and kheer!

What a fabulous night of Indian-themed fun! :)

Have you tried a new workout recently? What was it? What did you think?

Plus de Get Well Eats


Besides enjoying some natural healing outdoors, good eats always make things better. Here are some more get-well-eats I’ve been enjoying:




More raw cacao oatmeal


This time with a yummy chocolate + coconut flavor combo.


Almonds for crrrrunch!


Mom’s Get Well Soup


Always a winner.


Turkey melt with deli goods from Earthfare.


Salad and grass-fed-beef spaghetti.

Check out the different the background color makes. Here it is with a white background.


And now dark wood!

Which do you like better: white or wood background?

How to Relax for Free


One thing that’s really been helping me relax and get well has been so simple (and free!) – just getting outdoors, taking in the fresh Carolina air, and enjoying the natural beauty all around me.


I haven’t been interested in doing much over the last couple sick days (in face, I’ve barely left the house), but I did try to take a couple minutes here and there to just go in my backyard and check out how the plants are doing.


I’ve enjoyed seeing how the herbs my mom gave me are doing.


Watching how herbs from last year that I thought would die during the winter have come back full force.


Checking out how the plants I’ve not placed around the yard are doing. I hope they like their new home!

(my mom told me that my dad liked to plant the little blue flowers for his mom)


These two strawberry plants are awaiting a project this weekend. I’m hoping to find some strawberry pots for them.


But most of the plants I purchased with my mom at the farmers market are now in the ground and hopefully spreading their roots.


We have a lot of shady areas in the back yard, which makes plant buying a little more difficult. I love how the pink leaves on this plant bring in color without flowers.


My squash seeds are really growing now! I’m hoping to have squash I can actually eat in 2-4 weeks.


I’m hoping this baby lavender plant does well – there are a few lavender recipes I’ve been wanting to try!


And look here – future banana peppers!


My square foot garden – oh how I’m loving watching you grow and grow.


These tiny flower buds are forming on the tomato plants. I’m hoping for cherry and green zebra tomatoes in 1-3 weeks!


My tri-color green beans are coming right along. Only a couple of the seeds didn’t sprout, so I planted new ones. They’ll be up in no time.


A gorgeous lemon thyme.


And tarragon! We’ll see how everything does where I put it. *fingers crossed*

Sometimes, it’s so easy to get caught up in every day life and forget to pay attention to little details. But, there’s something so peaceful in just being outside, feeling wind blowing around you, hearing birds chirp. I’m really enjoying watching my plants grow and take shape…seeing flowers bud and bloom…watching seedlings develop fruits. Every day, I see a little something different. ;)

But, you don’t need your own garden or yard to take in nature. Go for a walk, look at your neighbors plants (the ones in public view, not the ones in their back yard! lol), notice the details in a single flower, visit a park. Get thee outdoors, breathe in that wonderful, fresh air, and get omm with nature.

How do you relax for free?

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