• Bebe Shower + Impromptu Weeding

    As if Saturday wasn’t fun-filled enough already… …we got a surprise on Sunday that Bailey was really excited about – an impromptu visit by my parents to help us with our house, namely the yard. But first, I headed out for Caitlin’s bebe shower. Caitlin’s shower was at FABO, which was a gorgeous venue – […]


  • Stress Dressing for Work {Outfit}

    Apologies for being a bit MIA. It’s been a stressful week for me, but overall, I’m in good spirits. The downs: This week has been extremely stressful at work. We’ve had some important projects get into full swing recently, and everyone on the team is a bit on the fritz. I’m still working with 17 […]


  • How to Relax for Free

    One thing that’s really been helping me relax and get well has been so simple (and free!) – just getting outdoors, taking in the fresh Carolina air, and enjoying the natural beauty all around me. I haven’t been interested in doing much over the last couple sick days (in face, I’ve barely left the house), […]