I love eating, cooking, shopping, crafting, zumbaing, ice skating, and lots of other randomness.

First generation organic.

I majored in Computer Science in college (geek alert!) and now work as an IT consultant in Charlotte, NC (when I’m not traveling for work).


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My wonderful hubby and I got married in May 2008 with a destination wedding in the Bahamas. You can see some photos from our wedding by clicking here. I added some more wedding photos here. I’m working on a page for us.



Hubby and I own an adorable and super smart corgi named Bailey. You can read more about him and see more Bailey photos on his page by clicking here.



Hubby and I purchased our first house in November 2009. We did major renovations to the kitchen before moving in, but since our home is older, we’ll continue to do home improvement projects. I’ll be creating a House page to talk more about this.


My weight has bounced around over the years, but since December 2008 I am maintaining a 15 lb weight loss.

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{Me in college. Me in 2009.}

I haven’t posted my “weight story”, but I’ve thought about it. Feel free to shoot me an email if you do want me to post it. If you guys are interested, I’d be happy to do so. Here’s a quick summary:

I attribute my ability to maintain my weight loss to my family and my decision to return to my roots. My dad is a bit of a “health freak” and has always tried to get my sister and I to eat healthier over the years. In college, I ate tons of junk food and gained a bunch of weight. Diets didn’t work for me in the long run. My desire to lose weight turned into super-restrictive eating habits, which made me “skinny” but irritable and unhappy. After becoming fed up with diets and restrictive eating, I decided maybe Dad was right after all. Listening to my dad’s advice, continuing to educate myself on nutrition, and focusing on eating the best quality and as whole as possible foods has made me healthy AND happy.



Dessert is my weakness. I love sweets and I love allowing myself to indulge once in awhile guilt-free. I believe that we all deserve a little treat now and again. Everything in moderation. I also think an overall healthy diet paired with regular exercise helps balance out these treats.

I especially love homemade, from-scratch desserts. I like making desserts in small portions since I’m usually just making them for me and my husband. I also play with making vegan desserts since they seem to be slightly more healthy and can be more cost effective (flaxseed egg anyone?) than traditional desserts. I’ve also started working on developing what I call “Not So Sweet” desserts, which are desserts with slightly reduced sugar/sweetener amounts.



Zumba is my cardio of choice. I love how I get a great exercise without feeling like I’m exercising. I feel like I’m just dancing around with friends and having a good time…probably because I am! I’ve been teaching Zumba since June 2010, and I love it!

Click here to check out my Zumba page.


I love quotes. My favorite is:

What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?