Dumpling Making Party

My friend Briana had a dumpling making party this weekend, and it was so much fun!

I even went with her to the Grand Asia Market for some pre-party grocery shopping and lunch earlier in the day. You can check out photos of our adventure on either my Facebook or Instagram account.

Dumpling Making Party

As for the dumpling making party, we all got hands on prepping the ingredients, from chopping to mixing. The dumpling filling was made with ground pork, fresh ginger, and bok choy (plus a couple other things, I think). Once everything was prepped, we hand formed hundreds of tiny dumplings. Briana was our lead dumpling making instructor, and she showed us how to fold the dumplings.

Dumpling Making Party

There were two ways to make the dumplings: 1) with the dumpling press and 2) by hand. There are videos for both on my Instagram if you want to see a visual.

I went straight for the by-hand folding. One thing I didn’t realize was that you only fold one side of the dumpling along the top. The back side stays flat/straight. Who knew? Briana family’s method was to start at one side and fold all the way down to the other. Another one of Briana’s friends showed her grandmother’s way, which was to start in the middle and fold outwards, one side at a time. They were both beautiful…once you got the folding down.

Dumpling Making Party

We filled up a few different trays full of beautiful dumplings just waiting to be steamed.

Dumpling Making Party

After a quick trip to the sauna (bamboo steamer)…

Dumpling Making Party

…they were ready to eat!

Dumpling Making Party

Attack! I tell ya, those dumplings did not last long!

Dumpling Making Party

I mean look at them!

Briana made a special dumpling dipping sauce for everyone to enjoy with soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, and green onion. It was very good and perfect drizzled over those warm dumplings fresh from the steamer.

Dumpling Making Party

After a few rounds of dumplings, we also enjoyed a vegetable stir-fry.

Dumpling Making Party

And for dessert – I ate my first fresh lychee. They were much easier to peel than I expected. Once you got it started, it came off pretty easily.

Dumpling Making Party

And check out my new friend. It’s Beto the beta fish. Isn’t he cute?

Thank you, Briana, for the fun dumpling making party! I can’t wait to make (and eat) more!

Meaty Pizza and Vegan Dessert

Hubby and I had a great date night on Friday…

Brixx Pizza

We wanted to take Bailey with us, so we hit up Brixx since we knew we could bring him to their patio. We split a spinach salad (that’s half pictured!) and a pizza. We shared a half BBQ chicken and half 4×4 (4 meats and 4 cheeses). We also tried a couple new beers with a beer flight. Brixx has my favorite version of BBQ chicken. I know they didn’t invent it, but I really like their take on it. I compare all other BBQ chicken pizzas to theirs. We’d never tried the 4×4 before, but hubby especially loved it. I enjoyed it, too, but like I said…nothing beats their BBQ chicken for me.

Lunas Living Kitchen Patio

I’ve been wanting to check out Luna’s Living Kitchen‘s new location but just haven’t made it there for whatever reason. We decided to check it out for dessert since I love the sweets there so much. I wasn’t sure if their patio was pet-friendly, but lucky for us, it was! I’ve been frequenting Atherton Mills for several years now, and it’s really nice to see it filling out (especially since it’s with some of my favorite places in town).

Lunas Living Kitchen Menu

It looks like Luna’s has pared down their dessert menu. I think they used to have 5-6 options, but they’re now down to 3. Luckily, two of my faves are still there: the cheesecake and chocolate pudding.

Dulce de Amor Lunas Living Kitchen

I’d never seen the third before, but we decided to try it – the Dulce de Amor. It was four layers of awesomeness. I think it’s a great addition to their dessert menu. Yum!

A latte sounded great, but they didn’t have any decaf espresso beans. But, they did tell me they could add steamed milk to their brewed decaf coffee. That sounded like a great idea, so I ordered one made with coconut milk. I didn’t even know you could steam coconut milk. You can, and it’s good!

Hope you all had a great weekend!



I’ve been trying to beat the August 12th deadline for the 20% discount code that Spreadshirt is currently offering by getting as many of my designs out of my head and into The Chic Life shop. I’ve added a couple new designs (“Shop Local” and “CHIC”), plus some new products with the existing designs. I’ve had some requests for more designs on the wide neck sweatshirt (pictured above) which looks like it fits in a cute, off-the-shoulder-look. Can’t wait to get one of those myself!

I’ve been pouring lots of hard work and love into the t-shirt shop, so I hope you guys like it! I’m learning all kinds of stuff about the shop, Spreadshirt (in general), and graphic design. Oh, and FONTS! I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent researching fonts. They’re so important, and I kind of enjoy looking through them all anyways in a font-geek kind of way. It’s all a true labor of LOVE!

Click here to check out my t-shirt shop. Use code SUMMER14 till August 12th for 20% off orders over $30.


Thanks for reading!

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