Zumba Convention 2015: Day 0 (Road Trip and Prep)

In August, I had the pleasure of attending my fifth Zumba Convention in Orlando, FL. ZinCon (the event’s shortened nickname) is one of the highlights of my year every year, and I love sharing the experience with you guys. I love it so much, that I decided to try something new this year, and I actually made a vlog (video blog). I’ve never made a vlog before, so hopefully it’s decent. Also, I thought blogging was weird, but vlogging takes things to a whole new level. Lol! Scroll to the end of the post to check out the video.

First up, I wanted to share what I’m calling “Day 0″, which is about the day before Zumba Convention (road trip and prep).

Zumba Convention 2015: Day 0 (Road Trip and Prep)

While I may have been more than excited about heading down to Orlando, FL for ZinCon, Bailey was less enthused. It’s always hard to leave my little guy, but I knew there was a fun adventure ahead.

Zumba Convention 2015: Day 0 (Road Trip and Prep)

My friend Angie and I decided to road trip it. It’s a long trip that I usually break up with a stop at the beach, but that didn’t work out this year. By the time I called the hotel, the only rooms they had available were super expensive. So, we decided to go straight to Orlando and get settled in before the first day of the conference. We hit the road fairly early – around 10am.

Zumba Convention 2015: Day 0 (Road Trip and Prep)

Our total trip was about 8 hours without stops, but of course, we wanted to eat and caffeine up. We stopped at a cute little Cuban restaurant in Savannah called Rancho Alegre. Angie actually pit-stopped here last year when she and another girl did a road trip for the 2014 convention. She liked it so much, we decided to check it out for this year’s trip.

There were some cool-looking painted walls around the parking area, so I snapped a couple photos. I could spend a long time taking pictures of all the scenery in Savannah, but though we didn’t want to rush, we didn’t want to take too long of a break. I have a thing for these old-school wall signs. I think they’re so beautiful.

Zumba Convention 2015: Day 0 (Road Trip and Prep)

We had the maracuya (passion fruit juice) to drink. The Cuban bread was really good, and we received a basket of it to start the meal.

Zumba Convention 2015: Day 0 (Road Trip and Prep)

For my entree, I had the ropa vieja, which always makes me think of my friend Serena’s wedding. I have great memories of this dish, and Rancho Alegre didn’t disappoint. From the bread to the main event, everything was quite tasty. My favorites were probably the beans or plantains. And you guys know how I feel about bread (yum!).

Zumba Convention 2015: Day 0 (Road Trip and Prep)

We hit a rough storm near Jacksonville that added at least an hour to our trip. It was quite the downer, but we tried to stay positive with some car dancing and good music. The delays added to the long trip and made me appreciate the usual beach stop even more.

Zumba Convention 2015: Day 0 (Road Trip and Prep)

Things cleared up as we approached Orlando Рthank goodness! I actually saw a beautiful sunset, which I captured in the vlog. We stopped at Whole Foods to grab a quick dinner and get groceries to keep in the room for lunches and snacks. By the time we got to the hotel, we were pretty exhausted and ready for sleep. We may have been tired, but we were still really pumped about ZinCon starting up the next day…if that makes sense.

You can check out this vlog to see more about our trip, lunch, groceries and watch us eat rambutans for the first time. Have you ever tried them? They’re a very unusual and enjoyable fruit. Random, but that’s what we did.

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Unboxing the Alex Studio August 2015 Mystery Sticker Subscription Kit Video

“I have too many stickers,” said no planner ever. Following the excitement of unboxing the Alex Studio monthly sticker subscription in July 2015, I decided to go ahead and get August. Side note: I’ve also since ordered September too, and it’s in transit. I don’t know about you, but I love watching the unboxing videos on YouTube. I don’t know why they’re so interesting, but they are. Probably in a similar way that food diary blogs and plan with me videos are. But, I digress. I filmed a quick video to share my Unboxing the Alex Studio August 2015 Mystery Sticker Subscription Kit.

Unboxing the Alex Studio August 2015 Mystery Sticker Subscription Kit

Sticker Subscription Overview

Technically, I guess it’s an “unbagging” since the kit doesn’t come in a box. But, “unbagging” sounds weird, so let’s agree we’ll just keep saying “unboxing” instead. And the stickers are technically not a subscription. Not in the way I think of subscriptions, at least. The payment isn’t recurring. You have to purchase each month’s kit, one at a time. This could be a potential limitation of Etsy’s payment system, but I’m okay with it. Alex Studio currently has a 15 day window, from the 1st to the 15th of every month where you can order the following month’s mystery sticker collection. It’s plenty of time. Plus, the sooner you order, the sooner you get your stickers.

It costs $18 plus $2 for shipping. In the August kit, I received seven beautiful sheets of stickers, a journal card, and a could other cute goodies. One of my favorite Alex Studio sticker sheets, the wacky holidays, is only available in the monthly subscription.

Sticker Subscription Value

I took a look at the Alex Studio shop on Etsy and some of the sticker sheets resemble those priced at $4.50. If you assume two sheets cost $4.50 and the other four cost $4 and the wacky holidays cost $5, you get a value of $30. Pretty great deal if you ask me, especially considering how much I love Alex Studio stickers. They’re always very well made and the colors are so pretty.

So, what’s inside? Check out the video to see!

Unboxing the Alex Studio August 2015 Mystery Subscription Kit Video

These stickers came just in time. The tiki theme will be perfect for next week when I’m at Zumba Convention since the theme party is “luau”!

More Planner Goodness

Click here to check out Alex Studio on Etsy

Click here to view my unboxing of the July 2015 Alex Studio Monthly Sticker Subscription

Click here to view a Plan with Me Beach Theme that features the Alex Studio wacky holidays


Coming soon…

I filmed a Plan with Me featuring the watermelon stickers from the July 2015 monthly sticker collection. I’ll be editing that one this week, and it will go up either before or on Sunday. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel (click here to subscribe) to be the first to know when it’s published. I’ve been letting my YouTube subscribers get first views for about 12-24 hours before sharing the video here on the blog. Just wanted to have a little benefit for my subscribers, so please subscribe to get new video notifications. It’s free!

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