Eat in Month 2015 Week 1 Check-In

How did everyone’s first full week of the Eat in Month 2015 Challenge go? Mine definitely had some challenges, but overall, I thought it went really well! Here’s my Eat in Month 2015 Week 1 Check-In.

Eat in Month 2015 Week 1 Check-In

You can check out my Eat in Month 2015 Week 1 Meal Plan here to see how it compares.


Eat in Month 2015 Week 1 Check-In

Sunday, January 4, 2015: On Sunday, we made good use of the leftovers to make fried rice. I forgot how much I love this stuff, and it’s just so easy to make. We even were able to put some of the leftover pork adobo into it, which I’ve never done before. But, it worked! We made one of my all-time favorite The Chic Life recipes for dinner: Beef and 3 Bean Slow Cooker Chili. This thing tastes so good, and the leftovers re-heat really well to make for easy meals later. We managed to have leftovers for lunch the next day and even froze a couple more portions for another day.

Eat in Month 2015 Week 1 Check-In

Monday, January 5, 2015: Monday was tough mostly because it was the first Monday post-holidays. Phew! Don’t the holidays seem like they were so long ago already? We kept things simple with eats with the leftover chili and leftover frozen soup for dinner. I got some treats from a sweet co-worker and decided to do one Starbucks out per week. It’s an improvement over what I usually end up doing during the work weeks, so I’ll take it.

Eat in Month 2015 Week 1 Check-In

Tuesday, January 6, 2015: I could potentially eat eggs and toast for breakfast and a sandwich for lunch everyday. But, I’m trying to add some variety into the meal plans. Still, I do look forward to both eats-wise and had them a couple times this week, including both back-to-back on Tuesday. I’m working on adding more veg to my lunches this year by cooking extra vegetables or having salad ingredients on hand to whip something up quickly. Another staple in our house is the stir-fry. We usually do chicken with whatever veggies we feel like eating or are on sale. I haven’t posted a recipe, but there are lots of good ones online. Let me know if you’d like to know how I do mine. Also, had to throw a Bailey photo in here.

Eat in Month 2015 Week 1 Check-In

Wednesday, January 7, 2015: I pulled out an old favorite for breakfast on Wednesday – oatmeal! This stuff is great to eat around this time of year when everyone seems to be getting sick since oatmeal is good for your immune system. I also had an apple for extra fruit nutrition and a pre-workout snack. I busted into my Trader Joe’s coconut almond chocolates and am going to try to not devour them in one week. And, hubby cooked one of his staple meals – spaghetti. We may be doing this every Wednesday. This is another thing we cook all the time, but I haven’t posted a recipe yet. Would you like to see it?

Eat in Month 2015 Week 1 Check-In

Thursday, January 8, 2015: Another eats upgrade we’re trying to do (in addition to veg at lunch) is fruit at breakfast. Sliced oranges are so easy, we really should do it more. We had more leftovers for lunch (love how easy this makes the work week eats). Hubby made chicken in a jarred simmer sauce for dinner. Those jarred sauces make dinner so simple!

And the top-right photo is a preview of some upcoming content. Any other planner geeks out there? I’m going to be sharing more posts about my planner, how I set it up, how I decorate it, shopping hauls for it, etc. soon. First up, I have a tutorial on how to decorate it in a very simple way. I’m hoping to get that post up this week. In the meantime, I’ll share photos on my Instagram if you want to see it there first.

Eat in Month 2015 Week 1 Check-In

Friday, January 9, 2015: On Friday, I went completely off the plans. I forgot breakfast but had a KIND bar as a back-up at my desk at work. I was planning to work from home and have soup at the house, but I ended up needing to go into the office. Luckily, we had enough ingredients for one more sandwich. And for dinner, I cooked my Mom’s Get Well Soup for hubby, so I had some olives, bread, and cheese as a snack while that cooked away.

Eat in Month 2015 Week 1 Check-In

Saturday, January 10, 2015: I really enjoyed the eats from the last day of Week 1. I made a big bowl of oatmeal and finally found my favorite nut butter, Barney Butter, on sale. I happily added a spoonful to breakfast. I had more soup leftovers for lunch with my new favorite way to eat kale. I just steam it for about 5 minutes and drizzle a little soy sauce over it. And for dinner, I made a from-scratch TV dinner with Rachael Ray’s 30 Minute Meals Salisbury Steak recipe, steamed vegetables, mashed potatoes, and a Great Harvest roll.

Not too shabby for Week 1! I hope the rest of them go this smoothly!


I’m a little late completing it, but I’m finalizing my Week 2 meal plan and will share that as soon as it’s ready.

In other news, you guys have been uploading TONS of photos on Instagram and twitter, and I truly love seeing them. Thanks for adding #eatinmonth to your photos, and keep em coming. It’s so cool to see how everyone’s doing with the challenge, and I’m already hearing some great success stories about people eating well and even saving money already! Woohoo!

If you’re new to the challenge, you can still join in! You can find more info about the challenge on the Eat in Month Challenge page (click). Thanks for stopping by!

Eat in Month 2015 Meal Plan Week 1

Eat in Month Meal Plan Week 1

I always say I’ll do a meal plan for the Eat in Month Challenge, but I don’t usually do one for every week of the challenge. I’m planning to do better this year. I’m also planning to share my meal plan in advance in case anyone else wants some meal inspiration for the week ahead.

Here’s my Eat in Month Meal Plan for Week 1

Sunday, January 4, 2015

I love cooking things that take longer on Sunday since I usually can plan ahead on Saturday. Also, I’m around most of the day Sunday to watch it. I’ll probably do most of my slow cooker recipes on Sundays.

  • Breakfast: Power Toast (whole grain bread, peanut butter, and chia seeds)
  • Lunch: Fried Rice (using leftovers – I took photos and may blog this recipe)
  • Dinner: Beef and 3-Bean Slow Cooker Chili (this is probably our most re-made of the recipes here on The Chic Life) and salad

Monday, January 5, 2015

I’m expecting Monday to be a challenge since it will be my first work day back post-holidays. Not gonna lie, I’ve been staying up a little too late and sleeping in a little too much. Monday morning is going to be tough. I’m hoping to keep eats/prep simple. I also usually do class on Mondays, so dinner will need to be easy and fast, too.

  • Breakfast: Fried eggs and whole grain toast
  • Lunch: Chili leftovers and salad
  • Dinner: Soup, salad, toast

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Tuesday is a night I typically like to dedicate to getting mid-week stuff accomplished. I usually have more time to cook, too.

  • Breakfast: Stovetop Oatmeal
  • Lunch: Turkey/cheese sandwich, chips, raw veggies
  • Dinner: Chicken stir-fry and rice

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Class night. Hubby is in charge of dinner.

  • Breakfast: Fried eggs and whole grain toast
  • Lunch: Turkey/cheese sandwich, chips, raw veggies
  • Dinner: Spaghetti and steamed cabbage (anyone interested in the spaghetti recipe?)

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Class night again. Hubby’s on point for dinner.

  • Breakfast: Fried eggs and whole grain toast
  • Lunch: Spaghetti and cabbage leftovers
  • Dinner: Chicken in tikka masala simmer sauce with rice and green beans

Friday, January 9, 2015

I like to take it easy on Fridays post-work. Planning to make one of hubby’s faves for dinner.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Saturday is a good day for cooking, but I also have to balance that with wanting to be productive. Sometimes I spend more time getting stuff done and don’t want to use a lot of time for food prep or cooking. I usually do class on Saturdays, too. I prefer light breakfasts before I workout, so oatmeal will do the trick.


Eat in Month Week 0 Eats

{Above – Eat in Month Week 0 Eats – click here to check out my Week 0 Challenge Recap}

Eat in Month Meal Plan Week 1 Notes

I was hesitant to post breakfasts above because I a) have been struggling to wake up early enough to cook and eat breakfast (I usually grab a bar on the way out) and b) usually prepare something based on how much time I have and what I feel like eating. When I have the time, breakfasts aren’t usually a challenge. I like to keep things around that are easy to make, so I usually have a few options every day. We’ll see how the plan goes.

Also, the meal plan above doesn’t include snacks. I like to keep almonds and snack bars at my desk in case I get hungry during the work day. I’m not adding them to the plan, but I’ll have some available in case I get hungry. I also have lots of great teas at my desk, which I’m hoping will replace my Starbucks trips.

For “soup” referenced above, I like to make big batches of soup and freeze the leftovers into individual portions. I have a couple options in the freezer at the moment, and I’ll pick one as needed. I may also make a new batch on Monday, time and energy permitting. These re-heat really easily on the stove.

Did you post a meal plan online? Feel free to share the link in a comment. Or comment below with your meal plan ideas or questions. Thanks for reading!

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