How to Use Jealousy to Attract LOVE | Transmute Jealousy Into a POWERFUL Law of Attraction Technique

Do you see happy couples and feel jealous? Good! Whilst jealousy can be a negative energy that repels what we really want to have in our life, you can transmute it into a powerful manifestation tool to attract what you want. Read on for How to Use Jealousy to Attract LOVE, because I’m teaching you how here!

*VIDEO* Convert Jealous Energy to a POWERFUL Manifestation Tool

Def watch this video for a full explanation with lots of examples (different than the ones here) of how you can use jealousy to manifest your ideal relationship.

Click here to watch this video about converting jealousy into a LoA tool if the above player doesn’t work.

How to Use Jealousy to Attract LOVE

Use jealous thoughts as a POWERFUL manifestation tool! Instead of them repelling your desired relationship, use them to ATTRACT it! Here's how! #lawofattraction #loa #manifestation #manifest #personalgrowth #personaldevelopment #woowoo #changeyourlife #goodvibes #manifestlove #highvibes #spirituality #theuniverse

Next time you’re feeling jealous, really feel into the feelings of that jealous energy. Notice how you feel. Maybe you feel constricted, tight in the chest, pinched up, frustrated, and overall lower vibe. This means this jealous energy is pushing AWAY what you actually want!

Law of Attraction states that like attracts like, so if you want what you see, you’ve got to convert those thoughts!

When you’re jealous, it’s often because you’re seeing something you actually want but feel like you can’t get due to limiting beliefs or other reasons.

But good news!

In this post, I’ll teach you two ways you can instantly convert your jealous thoughts and energy into something positive. Plus how you can use those jealous thoughts with other manifestation techniques.

That means you can use that powerful negative energy and transmute it into something good!

Are you letting jealousy push your manifestation AWAY? USE IT to ATTRACT instead. Click to learn how! #lawofattraction #loa #manifestation #manifest #personalgrowth #personaldevelopment #woowoo #changeyourlife  #goodvibes #manifestlove #highvibes #spirituality #theuniverse

Before We Start…

The first thing you need to do is be AWARE when you’re feeling jealous energy. Then, DECIDE you want to choose better thoughts. Simple, right?

Let’s discuss how to get those better thoughts going…

Jealous thoughts actually push AWAY what we want. But good news! You can CONVERT them into a POWERFUL manifestation tool! Here's how! #lawofattraction #loa #manifestation #manifest #personalgrowth #personaldevelopment #woowoo #changeyourlife #goodvibes #manifestlove #highvibes #spirituality #theuniverse

Two Ways to INSTANTLY Convert Jealous Energy to Attract LOVE

Now that you’ve recognized your jealous thoughts, and you’re ready to convert them to good thoughts, let’s jump in!

#1) The “Me One Day” Technique

Use what you’re seeing as an example that what you want is possible for you. If someone else embodies what you’d like in an ideal relationship, surely another (single) person exists who can give this to you!

For example, if you see a couple going into a museum, maybe this reminds you that your ex never wanted to go with you to museums and how he would state something like, “No guys like museums!”

Instead of thinking, “Of course, SHE gets the guy who likes going to museums” which only implies that you cannot meet a guy who likes going to museums, pivot! Affirm: “That will be me one day.” And/or say, “One day I’ll be with someone who has a great time going to museums with me.

No matter the situation, when you see what want, remind yourself that you’re a powerful co-creator and that that will be “me one day”.

#2 The “Instant Visualization” Technique

When you see a couple with something you really want, instantly picture yourself in the same scenario using the details around you, but you and your significant other in it.

For example, if you’re taking your dog for a walk in the park, and you see a couple running together and you want someone who likes running with you, use this moment!

Picture yourself running with your SO. Notice what’s around now – the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and it’s a gorgeous spring day. Maybe the couple is running over the bridge next to the creek you’re walking along. Picture now that it’s YOU and YOUR SO running over that bridge.

Use the existing details and then add your own. What are you saying to each other? Where are you going? How do you feel?

Keep going!

Sometimes it can be hard to visualize when you’re laying in bed at night, so this can be a great way to get ideas for your visualizations later too!

Using Your Jealous Thoughts Later

You can still use your jealous examples later with other manifestation techniques. Note: This post isn’t explaining the below manifestation techniques, so be sure to google those if you’re not familiar with them.

Scripting Later

You can use what triggered your jealousy to re-write a story where you actually have that thing in a scripting entry in your journal. What would that “Me One Day” look like? Describe it like it’s yours.

Use the details of what you saw to journal that night, or the next morning. Or even use it several days later. Whatever floats your boat.

Affirmations Later

What did you see that you really want? Did you see a couple holding hands and it filled you with jealous, negative thoughts? Use the example as a baseline to write affirmations where you HAVE that thing.

You can create affirmations like: “My significant other LOVES to hold my hand”.

And feel into the energy of what it would be like if your SO did love to hold your hand!

Go with this and write as many affirmations as you like/need.


When you can convert jealous thoughts into positive ones, you'll be an amazing manifested making magic happen! Click to learn how! #lawofattraction #loa #manifestation #manifest #personalgrowth #personaldevelopment #woowoo #changeyourlife  #goodvibes #manifestlove #highvibes #spirituality #theuniverse

When you feel jealous thoughts, recognize that they aren’t helping you get what you want. They’re actually pushing what you want AWAY. So, choose to convert them. And use the techniques above to both INSTANTLY and later-in-the-day convert your jealous thoughts into ones that will actually ATTRACT what you want!

If you can convert jealous thoughts into positive ones, you’ll be a manifesting magician, and your manifestations will flow like magic!

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Thank you for reading and watching!

Let me know how it goes if you try these methods for converting jealousy into a powerful manifestation tool! Comment your experience below!

Don't let jealousy push love AWAY! USE it to ATTRACT your dream relationship! Click to learn how #lawofattraction #loa #manifestation #manifest #personalgrowth #personaldevelopment #woowoo #changeyourlife  #goodvibes #manifestlove #highvibes #spirituality #theuniverse

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