Peeking In

Hi Dear Blog Friends,

I’m just peeking in to say a quick hello and that I haven’t forgotten about you.  I miss my blog friends and my blogging and my sharing and my…relaxation time.  It seems so relaxing just jumping from one happy blog to another, no?  Sometimes, most of the time, actually, I think it’s relaxing just to blog.

It seems that I have so many things going against me right now, though – so many things taking my time or preventing me from blogging: my wedding, my integral part in planning Pink at the Plaza, and the fact that my computer is completely dead (I can’t get my files nor my Photoshop)…oh, and the fact that I need to buy a new computer which, with all the software and parts I need, will run me well over a thous.  Yikes!  Anywho, no more whining.  I’ll get a computer soon, my event will be a huge success (*fingers crossed*), and we’ll be married and relaxing on a beach somewhere tropical and then I can return to my regular life and tell you guys all about it.

🙂 D

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