Fiiiinally! I have an iMac!

Hey Kids!

I fiiiinally got my computer! Yay! Here’s Bailey modeling with our new toy – an iMac. He’s a pretty good Vanna, eh?


I can’t really afford this right now, but it was a necessity, so what are you going to do? I found a pretty sweet payment plan at BestBuy, so at least we have that. Now I’ve just got to get rid of this silly credit card so I can pay off the iMac!



5 thoughts on “Fiiiinally! I have an iMac!”

  1. Welcome back! I missed your posts & seeing Mr. Bailey. He has certainly grown, hasn't he? Hey, I just had to get a new computer too (also from Best Buy) thanks to our income tax refund. My old one is really old (1998!) but we ended up buying an HP. I love the Macs but was too scared to try one out. Perhaps if I ever buy a laptop I'll get a Mac. But keep us posted on how you like it and if its user-friendly.

  2. You will love your imac. I have a macBook (portible)
    and it goes everywhere with me. Downside, I am on it way too much. When I am ready to get another, it will
    be the iMac. I took lessons at the store for the year and on our table were three huge ones and what a picture !!!Love you site and your cooking delights. Will be back….


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