Three Days of Cabbage

This post was meant to be blogged a couple weeks ago when I actually cooked everything, but I've been having technical difficulties with the camera and such.  Wish me luck catching up…Anywho…

I never really ate a lot of cabbage growing up (to my recollection).  I don't recall specifically not liking cabbage, I just don't remember eating it very much.  My parent have gotten into a steamed-veggie kick over the last several years, and they like to do a medley of veggies, usually consisting of green beans, carrots, other random pantry veggies, and cabbage.  I've always liked cole slaw, but it wasn't until the steamed cabbage that I realized I actually like it a lot!

I finally got a head of cabbage a couple weeks ago and hubby and I ate more cabbage than I ever could have imagined we would.  That cabbage was like the gift that kept giving!  I couldn't believe how many servings we got out of it!

Day #1:

The first day, I was particularly tired from work and wanted to make something quick.  Shrimp always cooks up quickly, so I did my take on Rachael Ray's 4 Minute Spicy Garlic Shrimp, which you've probably seen on my blog before because it's quite the staple in our house.  I made one of those Near East boxed rice pilafs and, of course, steamed veggies – broccoli and cabbage – lightly drizzled with melted butter.  The trick to cabbage is not overcooking it.  My parents always cook theirs perfectly so it's crisp-tender.  For this meal, I accidentally overcooked my steamed cabbage, and it was a bit too mushy, though I still ate it (and enjoyed it).

Day #2:
DSCN2700  DSCN2704

On the second day, I wanted to do something simple and affordable, so I did my mom's pork chops.  I'll have to feature the recipe some time, but today's post is about the cabbage, so I'll save that for later.  Here, we have sauteed pork chops, brown rice, and steamed broccoli and cabbage.  

Day #3:
DSCN2731  DSCN2732

I guess this must have been a long week because I remember wanting to do something simple on the third night, too.  I made Garlic-Sherry Chicken (based on a Rachael Ray recipe from her cookbook "Rachael Ray 30-Minute Meals" – see "Meat Tapas with Garlic and Sherry" on page 169 – I served mine un-skewered).  I also did another Near East rice pilaf mix and this time, sauteed cabbage (based on Ina Garten's recipe) with asparagus.  I knew I wanted to make asparagus later that weekend for a special meal for hubby, so I just reserved enough for my weekend-meal and cut the rest up for the saute.  I can't believe how good sauteed cabbage is – especially when it's still nice and crisp-tender when you serve it.  

Anywho, I've learned over the last couple weeks of enjoying cabbage that not only is it darn tasty, but it's pretty good for you, too.  Click here to learn some facts about cabbage – it's good stuff!

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