Hubby’s Birthday Dinner

Since we were out of town this past weekend, I decided to do hubby’s birthday dinner tonight. I normally make him his favorite steak dinner for his birthday (or other special occasions), but the key is that I get the meat from The Fresh Market. I was super bummed about having to go across town, braving an hour commute to the store (I hate traffic!), but I found out there was a new Fresh Market on my way home! Woohoo!

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I started by making his cake. I got a box mix of Betty Crocker at FM, but they were out of chocolate frosting (yellow cake + chocolate frosting = hubby’s fave cake), so I decided to just make some icing from scratch later. I love this Cake Release stuff for baking. It really helps me get the cakes out of the pans. I popped 2 8″ cake pans of yellow cake batter into the oven while I cleaned off the dining room table.


I also trimmed some gerber daisies I got while at FM and set the table.


Once the cakes were done and the oven was free, I prepped the roasted potatoes. I got them ready to bake so I could add those to the oven once the next step was complete…the app!

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I got to work on the appetizer. I sliced pieces of baguette on an angle, drizzled them with olive oil, and toasted them under the broiler (I didn’t burn them this time!).


Before grabbing a quick bite, I added the pre-prepped roasted potatoes to the oven so they could start cooking. I served the toasted baguette slices with some alouette spreadable cheese in the garlic & herbs flavor.


After taking a break to enjoy some bread & cheese, I got the salads prepped. I just got an Earthbound Farm Organic frissee salad mix and served it plain. I spent too much on dinner to get lots of toppings and didn’t have much around. We usually end up eating plain lettuce salads with meals and I kinda like them that way. I do always use salad dressing, though, and tonight, I topped my salad with my fave – Drew’s Rosemary Balsamic.

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I ate my salad while I cooked the steak…filet! I know this isn’t the “proper” way to cook a filet (since I cut the medallions into smaller pieces), but this is how it works with my dad’s recipe and we think it’s quite tasty.


While the steaks cooked, I sauteed some asparagus, and turned the oven off since the potatoes finished early (but left the potatoes in to stay warm).


Once everything was done cooking, I just had to plate up the food so we could enjoy!



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After dinner, I got started on the from-scratch-icing. I used the recipe on the back of the Hershey’s Cocoa box.


Then, it was cake frosting time.


Then, it was sprinkle time (hubby loves sprinkles).


I love cake!


My (first) slice. Working on the second now…heehee.

Happy birthday, Hubby! Love you!

11 thoughts on “Hubby’s Birthday Dinner”

  1. Happy Birthday to your sweetie…

    aren't our guys lucky men?..we like to cook…. lol…..

    Yesterday mine came in the door and mmmm Cinnamon Buns?… sorry, nope…I was trying a new raisiny bread called Bara Brith.. sadly, it was slightly underdone in the center..but, the sides were excellent. Now, about today's …hmmmm… I will tell all later….

  2. Looks amazing! That cake release stuff looks like a great idea. Is it good for breads too, I wonder?

    As for Fresh Market – my fave spot. A bit more expensive but worth it.

  3. Bravo!!! Absolutely magnificent and mouth watering! You would be the winner on that cooking reality show "Hell's Kitchen" !!

    Ok, now I'm hungry. LOL

  4. That is so sweet of you and reminds me of what I do for my husband. I agree with the first commenter, about the guys being lucky that we can cook! LOL

    Happy Belated Birthday to him!

  5. Wow you put me to shame, what an awesome wife, hubby is very lucky. I am very intrigued by your cake release, Ive never seen it, does it work?

    P.S. You should see Lolls, sound asleep on her back with her legs straight out, too cute!!


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