Sardine Challenge Winner

Let’s give a hand to our Sardine Challenge winner – Janice from Serial Crafter (click here to see her entry)! Congrats! Now, Janice which fabric option would you like me to make your handmade fabric grocery tote? In case you forgot, click here to see your choices.

I also want to send out an honorable mention to Chii-Wey who sent an entry (click to see) in a day late. I give you an A+ for effort!

To everyone wondering why I haven’t posted any foods with sardines, I didn’t get around to it! I know…I’m setting a great example with my food challenge…lol. I promise to eat some sardines soon. 🙂

Thanks to everyone for playing along with the food challenges! We have 1 more item from the original article about the 11 Best Foods You Aren’t Eating and then I have some new goodies in mind for some super-fun challenges!

For any one wanting to join in on the festivities – click here to view this week’s challenge ingredient. I hope you play along! The more the merrier!

2 thoughts on “Sardine Challenge Winner”

  1. Woo hoo! Thank you so much for posting the challenge. It's an easy choice for me it has to be the red polka dots.

    I'm really excited and we really enjoyed the sardine recipe, I've also had lots of very positive comments about it on my blog.

  2. Aww shucks! My first entry and I lost! 🙂 Thanks for the challenge, I enjoyed my sardine dish immensely and it was probably the first time I've made it in years!!! I think I will make it again soon. 🙂


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