Lovely ladies Maggie (Say Yes to Salad ) and Tanya (I Ate a Pie ) have launched a new food blog site for those who love looking at all the good eats I see on the blogosphere as much as I do. Their site, , is a collection of healthy food photos, and I think the concept is so cool!

Picture 17.png

I registered as soon as I found out about the site and have uploaded several photos. Two have made it to the site already! Yay! Check out and vote for my photos if you like them. 🙂

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  1. I think I FOUND your blog via Healthy YUM! yeaahh…

    also I have to tell you; LOVE the tea cups header (dainty tea cups is a girly side to me I love) …cuz mostly I am a tomboy…the knitting I adore… (do you spin yarn too?)

    and your skating…. (you're WAY better than I ever was…I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the ice; how I feel on it… and i've had skating fever my whole life!

    and your beatuiful pics… your blog is beatuiful!

    I don't normally knit in the summer but I am gettin' itchy to start a small something now, instead of a paint!


    Happy Thursday


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