Weekend Celebrations – Part 1

This weekend is proving to be one of our busiest of the year. I have roughly 5 get-togethers planned and only 2 down! We have 2 more starting in about 1 hour, so let the festivities begin!

Hubby’s Graduation


Hubby recently completed classes to wrap up his MBA. We’re very excited and I’m very proud of him.

We started our weekend with hubby’s graduation party yesterday, which featured him participating in a beer pong championship. We got to the party location early where the guys were breaking out their measuring tapes to mark toss-spots…they were serious!


Hubby’s and teammate Matt actually ended up winning!


Nice job boys!

Pinque’s Moving Day


This morning, we missed our weekend Farmer’s Market (I can make it up on Tuesday) trip to help our good friend Michelle (aka Pinque-y) move into her new home.

We had a great group effort today with help from Michelle and Ben’s family, Kath + Matt , Amanda + Justin , and Kate + Nate. Let’s go teamwork!


Everything went pretty smoothly except when we thought the moving truck may not make it up the driveway. It did, and all was well! 🙂


Prepping lunch in the new kitchen.


Our reward for helping out with the moving – lunch!

Michelle’s hubby’s parents grilled out in the new backyard, so I enjoyed a grilled Morningstar Garden Veggie burger (with havarti, lettuce, tomato, and onion), veggies dipped in ranch, some BBQ chips, some sour cream and onion chips, some fresh fruit, and a chocolate chip cookie.



Congrats to Michelle & Ben on their new house! Can’t wait to see the home-blog posts!

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