Window Shopping – House Style

I’ve done plenty of window shopping in my day, but typically at a mall.


Recently, hubby and I have been frequenting home supply stores like Home Depot and Lowes to start scoping out some of our options. Tonight we hit up Lowes for some mad window shopping.

My goal was to scope out the cork flooring options.

Now don’t quote me, but I think I heard on TV that cork is a great eco-friendly flooring choice. Supposedly it’s naturally water and pest resistant. Cork is also supposed to be good to the feet if you plan to, say, stand in the kitchen for long periods of time. It’s also warmer to the touch if you don’t like the cold feel of tile. Mostly I like it because it’s green, supposedly affordable, and supposedly easy to install. I say “supposedly” on the price because the stuff was the SAME PRICE as the hardwood floors (heard it was 1/2 that on TV) and “supposedly” to the installation because I’ve never tried and just don’t know better.

I need to do some more research but I think cork is seriously in the running for a great flooring option!


I didn’t even know I wanted blue-green tiles in the bathroom till I saw these babies. I mean, I doubt we’ll actually get these since bathrooms are relatively low on the priority list, but look at them…


…aren’t they beautiful!?


The tile is called “dolphin“…I love dolphins…and this tile.


Then, I found something equally as exciting…these gorge tiles!


Not sure if I’ve mentioned, but my new kitchen, once we have money to remodel will most likely be inspired by Giada DeLaurentiis’s kitchen. Not this season’s kitchen, but the one from a couple years ago with the open white cabinetry, black-ish countertops, and light-blue-green tile backsplash. I am in love with that kitchen!


This color is the closest to Giada’s backsplash that I’ve seen…of course…I haven’t looked very hard…yet.


After our window shopping, hubby and I hit up Five Guys for dinner.


They serve their massive amount of french fries (this is the smallest size!) in a brown paper bag. We’ve seen different methods to most effectively get at the fries inside:

  1. Lay bag on side, rip down middle of top edge and fold out edges
  2. Keep bag sitting up right and rip off top half of bag

Tonight, hubby tried the “roll bag down” method.


It seemed to work pretty well.


I had a cheeseburger (with lettuce, tomato, pickles, & ketchup) and coke.


I only finished just over 1/2 the burger and 1/2 the coke and who knows how much of the fries, but they were pretty darn tasty.

7 thoughts on “Window Shopping – House Style”

  1. You and hubs are too cute shopping for your home improvement options!!

    I have heard all the positive things you have about cork, especially that it's great on the feet. Love, love those dolphin tiles, very beautiful.

  2. First of all.. your corgi looks like mine (except mine is probably 20 lbs heavier)! Also, love those tiles! And 5 guys is the best! I'll have to try your fry method. We always go with the free for all.. set the cup on the table and fight between myself, my husband, and two year old son. 🙂

  3. Oh I adore Giada..anything!

    we designed our remodel after a tuscan theme and she is probably behind some of that too!

    i have seen that Dolphin tile… and I ADORE IT

    have fun picking out your decor!

  4. Bring home several samples of any tile you're going to buy and live with it for a few weeks. (Use the 3M command strips to adhere them to the walls?). I wish I had done that.

    Now I'm just biding my time before I can rip out my brand new backsplash. LOL

  5. If you want some of those tiles Mike and I picked up a few for our bathroom and then never used them we have them a few (we were thinking back splash originally.) Just let me know I just loved them too.


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