Making Lemonade + Udon Stir-Fry Dinner

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.”

~ popular quote – source unknown

This morning I couldn’t find much at all to put together to take to work for lunch. I almost didn’t take anything at all, but I’ve been working hard on eating in as much as possible, especially during lunch (when it’s so convenient to just pick something up). Slightly frustrated and irritated that we didn’t have much else, I slapped some turkey with some baby spinach on the 2 end-nubs of FOB bread we had left and called it “lunch.” I also managed to rinse off some cherry tomatoes.


I noticed that at the office, someone was using the toaster oven again (which someone had ruined recently by spilling something inside), and toasted sandwiches are so much better than cold fridge-sammies. Hoorah for a working toaster oven again!

My lunch came together pretty nicely: I toasted the sandwich, found some Laughing Cow cheese in the fridge to spread on the sandwich and on some Kashia crackers, and also found some almonds. I was actually quite happy with lunch today.


Those cherry tomatoes hubby picked up from the Farmers Market this past weekend were pretty great with lunch, too. An Adora made for a great dessert.


Wore my hair curly today. I wasn’t sure how it would turn out styled curly since I got a few inches chopped off last week, but it ended up not-too-shabby. Don’t ya just love a good hair day?


Dinner turned out pretty fab also. I made one of my faves – an Asian-inspired noodle stir fry, like the asparagus version I’ve made before – click here for recipe . I love this meal because it’s very quick and easy to put together.

Tonight I made a broccoli, green bean, chicken udon stir fry, except I subbed farmers market green beans and broccoli for the asparagus.


To save pans (since I used a separate one for the asparagus in the original recipe), I boiled enough water for the pasta and then used the same water to cook the veggies. In first – the green beans for 10 minutes.



Then, I added the pasta and broccoli and cooked for 3 minutes.


Black and red pepper for heat.


Mix up and cook for a minute or so for flavors to combine, top with sesame seeds, and dinner is served!

Anyone have any tips for “making lemonade” out of a sport injury? This non-zumbaing is driving me crazy!

11 thoughts on “Making Lemonade + Udon Stir-Fry Dinner”

  1. CUTE HAIR DO!!!
    I love office pics…
    and noodle pics….

    can you do pilates or yoga or any slow moving exercise? don't know what your injury is,… sorry.

    I am still drooling over the dolphin tiles!

  2. I like how you added sesame seeds to your stir-fry. I just found out recently just how good they are for you. Also, your hair looks great! It's a good length and I like it curly!

  3. First time on your site. I love your main graphic at the top – very chic! I have naturally curly hair as well and straighten it every day – which takes forever! I only do it because i've been told it looks more "professional". But, I really think curly is the way to go!


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