Red’s BBQ – Amazing BBQ Street Vendor

There’s a BBQ Truck that I like to frequent when I’m working in the uptown area. It’s called Red’s BBQ Express and it’s amazing.


Red’s serves its famous BBQ out of this truck parked near the Bank of America building and Omni on Wednesday and Friday. They’ve even been featured on Food Network! (See web site for video)


One of my favorite features about Red’s, besides its delicious BBQ, is the fact that they use local hams for their BBQ and make (I believe) all their food from scratch.


Their sweet tea is pretty darn good, too!


Yummy BBQ with the sweet and mild sauce.


I got some mustard on the side to sample and that was delish, too! The sauce is a family secret recipe.


Cole slaw and pickle slice


Baked beans


Place meat on bun and enjoy. So-so good! 🙂

I only hope Red’s updates their web site because the site indicates that by eating at Red’s, you’re supporting local farmers. However, it wasn’t until I stopped by the rig myself and spoke with the lady behind the counter (I think her name is Charlotte and she’s the owner/owner’s wife) that I found out that their pork and some other ingredients come from local farms.

Thanks Reds!

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