More of Dad’s Mac and Cheese

All this rainy weather and talk of fall has had me craving cozy meals. I decided to make my dad’s mac and cheese (recipe to be provided once I can translate the darn thing and add measurements) for dinner the other night.


Dad recommended using elbow macaroni. In preparation for out big move in a few weeks, I’ve decided to start clearing out our pantry, so I used this half full box of Gemelli pasta.




The sauce cooked up nicely, but I feel like I can get it going faster once I get this recipe down.


Before baking


After baking


Hot, melty, deliciousness!


I served the mac and cheese with more of those Trader Joe’s frozen halibut pieces (a big staple for us now) and some steamed broccoli.


I have to say, I definitely think the mac and cheese tasted better with the elbow macaroni.


I think maybe you get maximum cheese sauce coverage with the smaller, hollow elbow macaroni pasta. Gemelli is hollow, too, but long and twisty – prob not as easy for the sauce to navigate.


Still, all in all, mac and cheese is always a winner!


Dinner – served with red wine and water…yum!

What’s your favorite family recipe? Care to share it? Feel free to email me at thechiclife at gmail dot com – let me know if you’d like me to post the recipe or keep it to myself.

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  1. That mac and cheese looks so creamy! I'm going to have to make that as soon as we get some cooler temps here in Charleston. Bring on the comfort food!


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