House Update #2 – Project Cabinet Clean-Up

Hubby and I decided to sleep in a bit but try to hit up some garage sales. We found a couple random things to buy, but no furniture.


We broke around 11am for a late lunch. I had a Bruegger’s spinach omelet on rosemary olive oil and a pumpkin spice coffee.


I used to always order either a bagel and cream cheese or a bacon, egg, and cheese at bagel places, but the bacon has been weirding me out lately if it’s not crispy enough. I far more enjoyed my spinach omelet sans meat and may be making a switch to a new savory bagel favorite.

After brunch, we hit up a couple furniture stores. We found little in the furniture department, but we did like a couple rugs.


I thought this one would look great in the formal living room.


And I liked this one for the sunroom.


It’s the Sealy sheep!

We ended up hitting a couple furniture stores, one rug shop, a couple appliance stores, and Target.


After shopping, hubby and I had a light-ish lunch. We started by sharing a PLT Bruschetta with mozzarella, tomato, lettuce, and crispy pancetta with a balsamic glaze. It was DIVINE!


Next, we shared a Caesar salad.


Hubby and I split the Braised Beef fettucini for our lunch. I had about half of this, so 1/4 portion. I wish restaurants would offer smaller sizes…the “regular” portions are always HUGE!

Lunch was awesome, but afterwards, we were ready to be home.


We made sure to pick up Halloween candy while we were at Target and we got the good stuff – Snickers and M&Ms.

Project Cabinet Clean-Up

Almost as soon as we got home, I was ready to kick-off Project Cabinet Clean-Up. Our kitchen got quite dusty during all the renovations, so it needed quite the cleaning.


I pulled on my pretty pink rubber gloves and got to work. I used a mix of Castille soap and water to clean my cabinets.


Once the cabinets were clean, I started lining them with some non-adhesive lining (from Target).

IMG_4179.JPG IMG_4178.JPG


I ran out of the lining material pretty quickly even though I had 3 rolls. I guess I forget how short they are!


I think the end result looks pretty darn good though.

We worked on the cabinets while the trick or treaters stopped by. We only had TWO groups swing by! Maybe they thought we didn’t have candy since we didn’t have decorations? I think less people went out this year also because it was raining…poor kiddos!

Speaking of Halloween, how bummed am I at missing out on the festivities this year! We were too busy with the house to do any Halloween decorations or go to any parties (and we got invited to TWO!) or even buy/make costumes. The worst part was not being able to do my annual Halloween-themed party. This would have been our third year, but we just couldn’t pull things together between Wednesday and Saturday. So sad!

Click here to see photos from last year’s Halloween party dessert. I’ll make up for this year with next year’s party!

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  1. Good job on those cabinets. I have never seen such lining before, but will keep an eye open now, as it does look good (oh, for a Target!).
    Bailey looks like one happy little dog too – so cute.


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