Impromptu Noodle Dinner

I had a fun 6 hours of conference calls today at work.



Luckily I had a delicious Raw Organic Food Bar (won for free) in Chocolate Coconut to get me through the day. There’s something about the chocolate chips in this bar that I just love.

After work, hubby and I swung by the house to check on the progress. Almost all the walls and trim are completely painted. It’s so exciting to see all the new colors in the house – ESPECIALLY in that SUNROOM! I picked light turquoise (my fave) for the sunroom because I think I’ll spend the most time in there (besides the kitchen, of course).


Then, hubby and I went by our new favorite shopping spot – Lowes. From Banana Republic to Lowes in a year…my how things change!

We checked out floor stains for when we re-finish our hardwoods.


After Lowes, hubby and I went to Noodles & Co for dinner. We called up our friends Justin + Emily who live near by and had an impromptu group dinner. It was really nice catching up over food. We’ll have to do this more often!


I ordered the trio and got chicken noodle soup to combat the chilly weather outside. I thought it was really good – especially for chain restaurant food, though it was a bit on the salty spot. Considering the cool temps, it really hit the spot. I would get this again.


For my entree, I got the Wisconsin Macaroni & Cheese with parmesan crusted chicken.

The mac and cheese wasn’t quite as good as I remembered it (from the time hubby ordered it), but the ooey gooey cheese was exactly what I was looking for. I think I prefer my dad’s recipe, but that takes some time to cook up.


Hubby got the stroganoff noodles with braised beef and a side caesar salad.


Justin was nice enough to share 1/2 of one of his ciabatta rolls – it was really good!


Kiwi for dessert #1.

After dinner, it was time to get down to business. I picked up again packing in the craft room and took a 30 minute break to watch The Hills.


I got up during a commercial to get some milk and look who took my spot! Bailey!




Dessert #2: my last praline and some skim milk.


Btw, Kat said I can post one of her photo shoot photos (from yesterday)…yay! I LOVE this one! Isn’t she gorge!? 😉 Look at her beautiful curly hair!


Have a great week everyone!

4 thoughts on “Impromptu Noodle Dinner”

  1. Love that photo of Bailey! So cute.
    I have been curious about the previous Ellie Krieger book, but it's not a general release over here so haven't been able to flick through. I've read many a good review though, so maybe I'll have Amazon send me a copy of her new one i.d.c …

  2. Oh gawsh. I'm dying over that Wisconsin Macaroni & Cheese with parmesan crusted chicken. NOM! Double NOM! Triple…okay, I'll shut up about it.

    I can eat bread all day. Like a marathon-type contest. Can the Kat is a cutie. Get it, girl!

  3. Hello! This is my first time posting, but I've been reading your blog from a while (since I saw you referenced on Kath's blog). I love your photos. I enjoy reading about your journeys in food, house, and dog. (My husband and I are HUGE dog-lovers, and Bailey is adorable!).

    I decided to post, because I noticed that you mentioned Ellie Krieger's new book, So Easy. Coincidentally, I designed the book jacket. I went on the photoshoot and actually met Ellie. She is as beautiful in person as she is on TV, and just as sweet! I encourage you and your readers to check out her new book. I have already cooked a ton of recipes from her first book, and they were all delicious. Sorry! I am not trying to sound like a salesman here! I genuinely think her recipes are both healthy and tasty, and thought I could add my two cents. 🙂


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