My Life In Boxes

Stayed up late tonight packing…here are photos from tonight:


I got these organic yellow onions at Earthfare for under $3 – yea, the whole bag!




I decided to make a red sauce pasta dish to try to use up more of our pantry ingredients. I’ve had these cans of whole peeled tomatoes waiting for a rainy day, and though it didn’t rain, they came in handy today.


I made Mario Batali’s Basic Tomato Sauce which reminds me of cappellini pomodoro, a dish frequently found at Italian-style restaurants.

I added extra pepper to give my version a kick. We were going sans meat tonight so I figured the least I could do for hubby was make the dish spicy since he likes heat.


Unfortunately, I noticed a crack in my spice jar. Guess it’s time to make a trip to Crate + Barrel. I’ll probably be frequenting the place anyways now that we’ll have a full-sized kitchen to hold all the fun plates and mugs I’ve been dreaming of for the last couple years.


We had a mache salad with cherry tomatoes and pine nuts and a balsamic-style dressing.

I read online that mache has natural anti-stress properties. Please pass the mache!


A little fresh grated parm on top.


Dinner is served.


Where the magic happens (that’s for you Megan! lol)


We had some Great Harvest Honey Whole Wheat toast with real butter on the side.


A lil vino and water to go with dinner.


Round #2 – seconds.


Round #3 – dessert!

IMG_3942.JPG IMG_3946.JPG


Hubby picked up a treat for us while I was at work – cupcakes!

He got two cupcakes in tiramisu and vanilla with chocolate icing, the latter being my personal fave. I managed to talk hubby into halving each cupcake so I could enjoy both flavors. They were both delish, but the vanilla with chocolate icing is still my favorite.


Welcome to my life in boxes. I’ve spent a couple hours every day packing stuff up for the last week or so. Thanks to those efforts, we’ve already moved a lot of stuff into the house.

Unfortunately, we still have a TON more to do! Where did all this STUFF come from!? I think it’s time for another purge. Too bad we’ll probably move in before we have the opportunity to figure out what’s staying and going.

On the positive side, progress is progress and we’re off to a great start!

What are your tips for moving/packing?

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  1. Hello again,
    Your post reminds me of the one I did here: when we were in the thick of finalising our packing. It just arrived with us and on Saturday we unpacked it. And in some circumstances are surprised at the things we packed! We must have been losing our minds toward the end of it 😉 We did try to be as concise as possible (shipping from NZ to London being a tad pricey) but I think the pressure of the detailed inventory (my hand became claw-like from writing too much!) we just let it slide. Now we are in our new London apartment and having to sort stuff out this end too. We had a little purge on Sunday and another is upcoming this weekend.
    Those cupcakes look tasty – ultimate packing food 🙂

  2. hi diana!
    i saw your blog referenced in jessica's post — i don't know if you saw, but we are having a blogger gathering at six plates on nov 19, and i'd love you to come! send me an email ( and i will pass on the evite!

  3. Packing tips…..label all of your boxes. By room, by items. It helps with the day of your move (if you have people helping you) because those people can put your boxes in the room they belong. And if you have a list of the items on the box, it makes unpacking WAY easier! We moved last December. Our kitchen was already set up for us before the last box was brought into the house (because one of our friends unpacked the "kitchen" boxes.) 🙂

    And anything that's breakable should be wrapped and packed properly – our friends ignored the "fragile" labels. So did my movers several years ago. We only lost one bowl last year.

    Good luck!!

  4. Well, my moving advice is going to be too little too late for you I'm afraid, but, I start 30 days out from our move date and set a goal of x number of boxes that must be packed each day. (The last time we moved x was 4, I think this time, with Jack and all his stuff I need to make x = 6 or 8.) It spreads the job out and means when moving day comes you can just load and go. I think this time I am going to rent a pod thing so that each day's boxes can go into the pod and be out of the way.

  5. hey girl..that pasta you made sounds delish. I love Mario B! 😉 I don't have too many tips for packing as I'v never really done a big move like that. Only for school…and I basically just tossed it all into boxes and shoved it into the parents truck 😛 but good luck! lol


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