Quick Mt Pleasant Brunch – Charleston Cafe

There were a lot of things I wanted to do in Charleston, but like I said, we were more there for the wedding than to make a weekend of it. Saturday flew by with no free time and hubby was anxious to get back home to work on the house and was practically rushing me out the door.

There were 2 things I wanted to do before we left Charleston on Sunday:

  1. eat breakfast/brunch (seems fair, right?)
  2. get Charleston pralines

I really wanted to call up some of my friends to see if they wanted to have brunch with us, but we were in such a rush, I didn’t want to dine and dash on them (leave quickly, not leave without paying).

I researched a couple places for brunch on the way down to Charleston and the night before and decided that the Charleston Cafe seemed like a quick, casual, and affordable option – perfect for us out-of-towners on the go, wanting some great food.


I was glad I had read the Yelp reviews telling how popular this place was because we actually found it by the large number of cars in the parking lot. The place didn’t have a sign! Well, they had one on the window, but I was looking to the roof area just above it.

The humidity started fogging up my camera.


I took the lens off to see what was up and then the humidity went in for the kill. Egads! Total rookie mistake, I’m sure.


Though we got there before 11am (the suggested arrival time to avoid a wait per a yelper), we still had about a 15-20 minute wait. The restaurant offered coffee and water outside.


Luckily once we were inside, things cleared up.


We sat at a wall table with some local art.


Hubby seemed happy to have some yummy food.


Hubby got the French Toast and let me have a couple bites. It was awesome! Perfect texture and just delish with a little syrup.

I was considering getting the breakfast mac and cheese special or the deep fried cinnamon roll but, in the end I got…


…and Island Potato Casserole – Wadmalaw. I think this is Charleston for “veggie” (jk) because the casserole featured: bed of chippers, onions, peppers & mushrooms, broccoli, tomato, zucchini, yellow squash, cheddar, topped with eggs, served with a biscuit


I requested the sweet potato biscuit for my dish since I heard a lot about it on yelp.


I was curious what the “crispers” were when I read the menu online before heading to the cafe. Turns out they are like thin potato slices…almost like homemade chips.

Brunch was awesome! Hubby liked his French toast and I really enjoyed my hashbrown casserole. The sweet potato biscuit may have been my fave part of the meal. The flavor was delicate and the biscuit was nice and tender. I didn’t even have to put anything on it to enjoy it – I just ate it straight up!

After brunch, hubby talked me out of the pralines saying we really needed to get home. I told him I’d order some online then. haha.

So, sans pralines, we hit the road homeward bound.


I looked at paint colors during the car ride. The ride was pretty long so I had plenty of time to think and re-think different color options. I think we’ve picked out all our paint colors now!


Bailey was a sleepy little guy during the trip.


When we were close to town, we made a pit stop for lunch. I got a Big Zack Snack meal with honey mustard and a coke from Zaxby’s . I totally spilled some of my food in the car whilst trying to take this photo. I only lost my Texas toast (which I usually try to only eat 1/2 of anyways) and a few fries. I only managed to finish about 2/3 of my plate anyways with or without the help of my goof-up.

Before we knew it, we were home sweet home. Bailey was so happy and hubby was just ready to watch some sports. I was ready for some relaxation, we would end up doing some work in the house later.

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