Scarowinds 2009

A nearby theme park, Carowinds, converts their park every October into SCarowinds – a ghoulishly-themed attraction. They have freaky mazes, scare zones, and even several of their normal rides open. I coordinated a small group to hit up the park on Friday with hubby and friends Kayte, Tracy, Matt and Ashley.


First up, we hit up Wild Wings for dinner. I got the chicken finger platter with honey mustard and a coke. The platter was HUGE, and I had a hard time finishing my portion, but hubby helped out.


Directly after dinner, we headed to the park to try to make the 7pm opening for SCarowinds. We got there a bit later than expected and ended up missing a couple (Matt & Ashley) we were meeting there, but we were still there plenty early to enjoy the festivities.



The park had scary decor and smoke/fog blowing everywhere. We hit up two of the Scare Zones – Feeding Frenzy and The Cemetery before looking for some rides.


First up, we rode the Vortex – a standing coaster. It was super fun! I snuck a quick photo just after the ride ended but before we had to get out of our seats.


Then, we went on a wooden coaster called Goldrusher. It wasn’t nearly as thrilling, but did have a good finish. We snapped these photos after the ride was over, as we waited to pull into the gate.


Next, we eyed the Carolina Cobra.


This ride featured two loops and some twists and went forwards one way and then sent you back through the ride BACKWARDS!


About to have a thrill


The ride was AWESOME! I’ve never done a roller coaster backwards and it was so fun and worth the wait.



After the Carolina Cobra, we decided to take a break from the rides and stick to the Halloween-themed attractions. But first, we needed some good theme-park-food.


FUNNEL CAKES! Hubby insisted we try chocolate syrup on ours. I didn’t care for it. I like my funnel cakes just with powdered sugar, but I still helped him out a little bit.


As the night went on, the lines seemed to get longer and longer. We hit up Cornstalkers (a scary maze)…


…then Dead Inn (another maze).

After that, we decided to call it a night and head out of the park.


But not before getting one final theme park snack – a giant pretzel. I helped my friend Kayte snack on one of these guys.


Oh, and we had to get a photo with one of the scary people wandering around the park. They do such a GREAT job with their makeup! Doesn’t this guy look freaky?!

SCarowinds seems to get better and better every year. Though we were pretty tired, we managed to stay out most of the night but didn’t get to see nearly half of the attractions. We still had a great time, though, so that’s all that matters. Plus, there’s always next year.

If you celebrate it, what are you doing for Halloween?

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