My family has long loved The Fresh Market. I’ve grown up trying their delicious coffee samples and drinking their coffee. If you haven’t tried it before, do! If you have a FM near you, they have free coffee samples 24/7.


I love trying the FM seasonal coffees. I wanted to try their winter blends sooner, but just haven’t made it to the store…till yesterday. Better late than never, right? I scored both of these coffee flavors at a great deal (almost 50% off one flavor) and couldn’t wait to dig into them this morning.



I forgot to set my alarm clock this morning, so made a quick breakfast: Great Harvest Honey Whole Wheat toast with Barney Butter and a brew of 1/2 Christmas Blend and 1/2 Peppermint Creme.


I thought about going 100% Peppermint, but wasn’t sure if hubby would like it, so I played it safe using the mild Christmas Blend, too.


I read on twitter that today is National Chocolate Day. I didn’t have time to validate with a google search (like anyone needs an excuse to celebrate chocolate, right?), so I celebrated with another caramel chocolate handmade by my co-worker.


I also had a chocolate covered pretzel.

Hubby and I are about to go out for a celebratory dinner. We’re not 100% sure where we’re going, but I’m sure it will be something awesome! I’m starving, so I can’t wait!