Jammin Out in the Front

Day #1 without my baby…my DSLR. I’m missing it already. In hindsight, I probably should have just kept my camera through Christmas and New Years, popping the battery in and out all day (literally-I popped it in and out about 20 times yesterday and that was just to shoot lunch…grr) so I would have at least had the great holiday photos. Alas, in an effort to stop procrastinating, I took charge and shipped her off yesterday. *sniff*

Luckily, the point and shoot hubby got me awhile back is pretty darn good, so I managed some decent photos today.


I had an old-favorite I haven’t had in awhile for breakfast today – TOAST!



Normally I do a nut butter on my toast, but today, I let my Morningstar “sausage” be the savory to my sweet toast. I topped my toast with pomegranate jelly and Dark Chocolate Dreams.

I love how easy a great piece of whole wheat bread can make getting a serving of whole grains.


It was suuuuper foggy outside today!

The fog was supposed to go away late morning, but it stuck around all day long.


Perfect day for grass-fed pot roast leftovers with organic veggies and brown rice.


I got a present at work today. I didn’t even see it coming! So nice to have such friendly and thoughtful co-workers around, no?


Inside – Ghirardelli White Mint chocolate, hot cocoa mix, a shortbread cookie, some candy canes...


…and the CUTEST mug! I love the size, shape, and the little skating snow guy on the front.


White pomegranate tea to ward off that darn yucky foggy weather.


A White Chocolate Chunkies cookie for lunch-dessert. I brought the last of my cookies in to work to spread holiday cheer to my co-workers. They went pretty fast!


Zumba fuel=WW toast with Barney Butter. Toast twice in one day…you bet! What can I say…I love my carbs.


Fab-oo 1 hr zumba workout tonight with my zumba pals. Instructor Megan even dropped a song on the playlist to make sure I could come up to the front. Thanks Megan!

I got in the front, jammed out, and practiced mirroring to:

SO FUN! Being in the front is awesome…especially when you know the choreography and aren’t worried about totally effing up the class by demonstrating the wrong thing…lol.


Dinner with the girls – salad with ginger dressing and miso soup


Tempura zucchini


Terriyaki rice ball bite – shared by Kat – Thanks Kat!

Forgot to photography my Cali roll with Masago. You guys know what it looks like, though!

I’m taking a couple weeks off of work starting Friday. So excited! I can’t wait for lounging, watching Food TV during the day (as opposed to via DVR), cooking, baking, crafting, and getting the house set up of course. Oh, and I’m looking forward to the obvious – Christmas celebrations with friends and family. 🙂

What are you most looking forward to doing during your holiday vacay?

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  1. No vacation for us this year but I do get off the 24th and the 25th. We plan to just relax & take it easy. If anything, maybe do some chores around the house or tackle a small home project. But definitely enjoy some videos, popcorn & snuggling on the couch!


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