Real Food Lunch – Sushi-Style

I probably should have taken today as a sick day since I’m still feeling icky, but I took it as a PTO. C’est la vie.

After eating a decent breakfast, hubby and I set out to run errands.


I decided to try a veggie juice.

When I’m sick, I eat for a few reasons:

  • What’s easiest for my body to digest
  • What’s really good for – fuel to help my body run and heal itself
  • What tastes good – i.e. comfort food

The juice fit mostly into the 2nd category, though I did request something that would be easy to digest. I got a mix of: apples, parsley, ginger (supposed to be really good on the stomach) and lemon (ok, not so good on the stomach but they went light on this).

I managed to down about half of this, which was pretty good.

We hit up a few lighting stores, but they were so expensive! Sometimes house shopping can be so depressing. I feel like we can’t afford anything sometimes. I fell in love with some beautiful pendant lights, but boy were they pricey!

Hubby and I also hit up a garden store. I should have taken photos – it was BEAUTIFUL seeing all the green plants and blooming flowers!


Hubby and I took advantage of the gorgeous weather and ate outside. Sushi was the only thing I could think would easy to eat given my upset tummy. I figured some nice, hot miso soup would be nutritious and fairly easy to eat.


I also got a California roll, which I figured should be bland enough to manage. I ate a lot of the ginger on the side, since, again I hear ginger is supposed to be good for the digestion.


Edamame – I figured this was relatively bland – at least no butter/oil. I thought maybe the protein would be good for me.


And look who we randomly ran into!!! We invited Connor and Matt (yep, Kath’s hubby) to eat with us. Lovely little impromptu lunch with friends. πŸ™‚ And so glad to be eating real food again!

After lunch, my stomach was rumbling a bit, so we headed home where I took a nap with Bailey. He’s such a cuddle-monster. πŸ˜†

Anywho, I’m awake now and feeling like being productive. I think I’ll clean up a bit and work on taxes. Oh…so much to do and so little time!

Hey, did you check out Kristen’s tips on being vegetarian? Yuppers, the latest post in my Meatless for Lent guest post series is up!

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9 thoughts on “Real Food Lunch – Sushi-Style”

  1. 1 – I hope you are feeling better. and 2 – I hear you on the house stuff. We just spent a ton on the house and will have to take it easy. But, I look at it a couple ways…a) we are making investments when we improve our home, b) little by little we will get there, and c) at least we aren’t spending ourselves into debt like some people.

    • Ooh, right! This part resonates with me the most: “c) at least we aren’t spending ourselves into debt like some people.” I have to remind myself that not everyone who purchases expensive things actually CAN afford them either! lol Thanks for the encouraging words!


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