Spoiled By Oats

I woke up a little extra early Thursday morning so I could ensure I’d get breakfast. I hit up the hotel’s breakfast:


Eggs with a little cheese, bacon, fruit (heavy on the pineapple)


Instant Oatmeal- Cinnamon Spice


OJ (for Vitamin C).

I’ve learned just how spoiled by oats I am. It’s been at least a year since I had instant oatmeal and MAN! Is it different than the stove top, old fashioned oats I normally make. 😆

At lunch we had pizza. I had 2 slices (1 veggie, 1 cheese) and a big serving of salad. After eating that, I felt a wee bit hungry but decided to wait it out to see if I was REALLY hungry or just craving more pizza. I eat 3 pieces of pizza all the time, so it’s not like that’s a bad thing, I just prefer to fill myself with more whole grains and whole foods. I drank some more water and realized I was actually thirsty! Not hungry.

A little later I had a Larabar – Cherry Pie!


I got home early and got to see Brendan Brazier with some friends. I really want to blog about that but hubby and are about to hit the road and I have a lot of detailed notes to share. I’ll try to post it Sunday.


I tried something new (but quick) for dinner – an Organic Sunshine Falafel patty. I’ve been wanting to try these forever but just found them on sale. Yay! (it’s GF too!)


What I really love about this burger versus a Morningstar is the INGREDIENT LIST! Look at it! So much short and easier to read! Big points here!


I had the burger on a whole wheat roll with some peas. I really wanted to make a yogurt saucewith fresh herbs, but I had neither. That’s what happens the day or two befor eyou go out of town – no groceries! lol



I still thought it was pretty darn good!

Gotta hit the road!

In other news, I got my FIRST product request filled at OpenSky for one of my fave meal/snack bars – click here or the widget about to check it out! 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone!

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