Housewarming Party Tip Request

It was so interesting reading everyone’s comments on yesterday’s post about clothes you’re afraid to wear or not afraid to wear. I’m always curious if I’m the only one who gets nervous about certain pieces of clothing. Glad to know I’m not! Click here to check out everyone’s comments.



My oats this week are a little repetitive this week, but in a I-have-delicious-farmers-market-blueberries-that-I-can’t-stop-eating kind of way. 😉

I even made hubby oatmeal this morning! His toppings were different, though. I added flaxseed meal, coconut flakes and pecans to mine. Hubby is a little more “vanilla”.


I had 8 solid hours of phone conferences today! It was madness! 😆

I had 2 lunches today – a Helens Ktichen frozen mac and cheese first…followed by a Barney Butter and jelly sandwich on Dakota with green peas.


Luckily, I had zumba to shake out all my stress from the day. I’m now on Day #4 in a row of zumba and strongly considering going tomorrow night, too! It’s not that I feel obligated to go or anything. Mostly, I want to go for the training experience and to practice my songs (I’ll have demos coming up where I have to lead entire classes soon! eek!) and because it’s so darn fun. I usually don’t feel like I’m even working out, which is just the way I like to get my exercise. 😉

Tonight I got to lead a bunch of songs solo:

  • Sugar
  • Boro Boro
  • Chaiyya Chaiyya
  • Blue Jeans
  • Break Your Heart
  • Let Me Think About It
  • El Alacran (this is an oldie that I’ve ben wanting to revive for FOREVER! Tonight was the first time I led it solo and it was SO FUN! The class loved it! I wish I could invite you all to class to dance with me because I think you’d like it too!)




Hubby had dinner almost done by the time I got home. I prepped the salads and help finish the rest.


Salad: organic romaine, organic tomato, parmesan cheese, fresh cracked pepper, Drew’s Italian dressing.


Hubby chose turkey spaghetti for dinner! Turkey! To be healthier! Go hubby!




I think 4 days of zumba means dessert for moi. I picked up some No Pudge Fudge Brownies on my way home from zumba. I think the name of this product is catchy but mostly I like how the ingredient list is short.


I added chocolate chips on top of half of the brownies.

In fact, if you don’t mind, these babies are almost cool and waiting for me to enjoy!

And, we interrupt this week of discussions on clothes and weight for a new reader question. Hubby and I are planning our HOUSEWARMING party! Finally! Our house is not complete, but we’re ready to start entertaining, so we want to go ahead and have people over to see our new pad.

I haven’t been to many house warming parties. I don’t know what to do.

What are your house warming party tips? Things you’ve done or seen others do that rock? I’d love to read your tips! 🙂

(we’ll return to clothes-talk probably early next week – I have some more good topics!)

9 thoughts on “Housewarming Party Tip Request”

  1. mmm well house warming parties are super fun! Although I have not been to nor had very many…I think it would be fun to have a themed party…even something as simple as an after noon tea…with light finger food and fresh drinks…Or even something with costumes!

  2. Congrats on the Zumba! I bet you’re rocking it 🙂 I want to make some of those no pudge brownies this weekend. I’m having a bbq this weekend and my Aunt is coming whose on WW and shes allowed to have no pudge! Great dinner too. I have a ton of conference calls today so I totally feel for you. In terms of housewarming, do as much ahead prep as you can! I like to serve a bundle of finger foods- most of which I can prep ahead of time. My favorites- fruit and fruit dip (1 container cool whip (or tru whip) with 1 single serving fruit yogurt), Rhodey girl tests zaatar bread, homemade hummus, individual desserts, etc. Easy access to drinks (put them in a big bucket with ice). Colorful straws are a fun touch too.

  3. I love No Pudge. Yum.

    As for housewarming parties, my biggest tip is “don’t worry.” People will entertain themselves. They’re there to see you and see your new home. If you are providing food, go easy–cater or BBQ and then plenty of snacky finger foods. Especially during the summer.

    Oh, and clean the toilets. You know they’re going to see those eventually.

  4. We had our housewarming party catered. We had about 50 people show up and neither of us were in any mood to cook! We also rented glasses, tables and chairs. It was a huge hit and we had a great time! So happy that you guys are ready to start entertaining! =)

  5. I LOVE Zumba.

    Housewarming party tips:
    -Make a signature drink. Sangria perhaps? Then have just some simple beer, wine, and water etc so you won’t be spending all day making cocktails or have to buy lots of types of liquor.

    -Have lots of picky foods all over wherever people will hang out. For me that means living room, dining room, and kitchen, not sure what it means for you.

    -Make a simple playlist with fun tunes and some oldies.

    -Buy one bunch of fresh flowers that day, but no more. People will probably bring flowers as a present!

    -Light candles in the bathrooms!

    Feel free to email me any specific questions!


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