Wardrobe Age = College

Morning friends!


Sad to miss the farmers market this morning.


But glad to sleep in.

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Egg/organic veggie scramble with onions, bell pepper and spinach with toast/butter. Plus the ever-wonderful coffee.

I must really be sugared out because hubby offered to pick up a cinnamon roll from Great Harvest today and I turned him down! Ahh…the benefits of gorging yourself on indulgent things…eventually you get sick of them! Seems funny that eating more of something would help me eat less of it than actually trying to eat less of it. Tell me not to eat something and I end up over-doing later. Tell me to eat as much as I want and I will…for a bit…till I get sick of it. lol Am I the only one who works that way?



Enjoying a slow morning in the Chic house.



I realized today that my wardrobe is still very much at a college age level. I went to my closet to pick out something to wear today and wanted to wear a short, casual skirt. Sadly, the only ones I could find either…



…had kid-y prints or butterflies or lots of pink… (yea these are Lilly Pulitzer…don’t adults wear this stuff?)


…or were the ripped, blinged out Abercrombie skirts that I used to rock out ALL.the.time in college.

I have a lot of more professional clothes too that I wear to work, but I feel like I’m outgrowing a lot of my old faves. 🙁 I don’t feel old though! Perhaps I’ll rebel and wear the kiddo stuff anyways? hehe 😆

What’s your wardrobe age and how does it compare to your real age?

25 thoughts on “Wardrobe Age = College”

  1. This is such an interesting topic! I’m turning 30 in December and all of the sudden, I realize I cannot rock the same stuff I’ve been wearing since college. My work attire is different than my personal attire and I realize that I have no idea what my “fashion identity” is anymore! I need a major wardrobe overhaul. Maybe someone will nominate me for What Not To Wear 😉

  2. Lilly skirts don’t age 🙂

    I probably dress TOO OLD for my age. I’m seriously addicted to cardigans – form fitting ones, but nonetheless, I love them. I also own every colored ribbed tank top known to man and those should probably go, unless they are for the gym. More than half of the time though, I’m in workout clothes – something I’m trying to change.

  3. I was going to ask you if those were Lilly Pulitzer – I LOVE her stuff! It’s fun and not too kiddish at all 🙂

    Even in college I wasn’t a big sweats-and-a-tee girl…I LOVE dressing up. May have to do with pouring over every fashion mag available since the age of 10. I love lots of simple and casual combos like shorts + an oxford or jeans + a silk tank. Switching out of college just meant a few less flip flops, although I wore heels pretty routinely then too!

  4. I have no idea what age my wardrobe is. It’s kind of like a stressed out housewife who’s quit trying. I wear scrubs 4-5 days a week for school and work at the hospital and super old tank tops and yoga pants the rest of the time… and I’m always rocking a messed up ponytail. It’s pretty tragic actually.

  5. Ya know, I’m almost confused on my wardrobe age here lately! I turned 30 this year and now feel like I’m too “old” to shop in the juniors section… but sometimes the ladies sections are a little more modern than I am? So it’s been quite confusing on where to go 🙂 I feel ancient walking into a Forever 21 at this point! LOL

  6. Interesting post. I have some clothes from middle, high school and college. I’ve given most of them away to goodwill when I clean out my closet, which happens once every two years maybe? The ones that I do keep, I mostly wear around the house or to bed. Unless I really like it, I’ll try to salvage it and make it into a scarf or skirt into shirt, etc. My rule of thumb is: as long as you wear what makes you comfortable and be yourself, it is never too kiddish looking. My 40 yr. old aunt still shops in the junior section (granted she stil looks like she’s in her 20s).

    Question: Since reading your blog, I’ve been inspired to eat healthier. Is there a difference between reg. eggs and cage-free eggs? Just wondering. Thank you. =)

    • “as long as you wear what makes you comfortable and be yourself” – LOVE this!

      I’m pretty sure cage-free ones actually are a bit healthier, but let me do some research. 🙂

  7. I can definitely identify! My husband always teases me because when we met I was 20 and wore the shortest, skimpiest skirts and I would be so embarrassed to wear the same thing now… I miss the legs I had as a 20 year old though 😉 and the confidence I had to get away with those clothes haha

  8. i LOVED this ridiculously tiny short denim skirt from esprit i had in college – i called it the ’12 inch skirt’ because uhhh . . . that was its length.

    i agree that i struggle with wardrobe identity (and we’re about the same age). but banana, ann taylor loft, anthro (obv my fave) and jcrew seem to have a lot of good ‘between’ styles for those of us that can’t quite afford the designer boutique level!

  9. My wardrobe is very basic. I wish I could update it with a ton of classic and chic outfits. Whenever I go shopping though I always seem to add to my workout clothes. I think I have a problem. LOL

  10. My wardrobe is 43 year old Mom loving Gap and all things neutral. While the pearls aren’t a daily showing, the cardigans and khakis are. Real age, 25. Haha, I need fresh clothes a little more age appropriate!

  11. I *LOVE* Lilly Pulitzer… I have a couple LP dresses (one is a corduroy dress that I always look forward to in the fall with tights – WEE !).

    I have clothes I wear for work that are professional and subdued, and I keep fun bright prints for weekends and fun casual events… so I think those skirts are fine! (I already saw the next (today’s) post and your outfit looks great!!)

    🙂 totally whatever you want to wear will look great on you if it makes you happy and makes you feel good 🙂


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