Your Project Think Positive {Week 1} Responses

How’s everyone doing with Project Think Positive so far? We’ve just wrapped up Week 1, and I will be posting the challenge for Week 2 tomorrow morning.

I have been having such a good time reading all of your positive thoughts to counter your negative thoughts. When I read the strength in your stories, it reminds me to be strong, too. I think the thing that sticks out to me the most in your responses is how empowered you all sound! Like you’re not letting the negative thoughts make you wallow in a sea of pity. You hear the negative thought and you defeat it with your positive thought…or even thoughts. All I have to say is…great job!

I had a good experience of combatting negativity with positivity last week. I’d had a really long and stressful day at work. You know one of those where you just can’t wait to get home and relax? Well, I kept getting hung up from leaving the office by random, little things (needing to clean my tea mug, forgetting a bag, and pushing the wrong button on the elevator). I was starting to get really frustrated (probably because my temper was short because I’d been so stressed all day), when I reminded myself that the work day was over and that I’d have the rest of the night to relax and re-charge. As I had my positive thought, I pictured myself at home on the couch cuddling with Bailey and all my frustration melted away in almost an instant. I was a little surprised at how well the positive thinking worked but glad it did!

Your Project Think Positive {Week 1} Responses

Here are some of your responses to the Project Think Positive {Week 1} challenge (which was to counter a negative thought with a positive one):

  • “Over the last year I’ve come back to the same thing, time and time again – that I’m going to love {it/him/her/whatever} anyway. Something is not as I would like, then I just shrug my shoulders and say to myself that I’m going to love them/it anyway. Not quite what you asked, but the closest I can get! I don’t think you can get more positive than being generous with love though :) ” –Emily of Flores Azules
  • “Negative: I don’t like my job and i wish i was still on vacation, Positive: I have a well paying job and i get to see my work friends after a week of missing them :)” – Donna at Life of a Happy Blonde
  • “Yesterday I had a pretty hard day at work planned. All weekend I was freaking out, thinking that everything was going to go wrong and that it would be awful. After realizing how bad these thoughts were, I made myself instead view all my work as a learning experience. Regardless of what happened, I would leave with experience that I could put toward further projects. It did help in lessening my nerves!” –Liz at Tip Top Shape
  • “My negative thought turned positive: I don’t want to go to work. But I am luckily to have a job as a neuroscience researcher, as well as a boss and coworkers who I consider some of my best friends.” –Ashley at Freckles and Spice
  • “Today I’m struggling with my body image! I am super frustrated with how I’m feeling in my own skin. I reminded myself of the hard workout I had this morning. I also thanked my body for being strong; as I biked the Ironman Wisconsin course this past Sunday!” -Danielle
  • “Lately I’ve been frustrated with the challenges both in vollume and intensity I’ve been facing at work. I try to remind myself it’s not forever and that I’ve been there before and have come out on the other end stronger for it…plus its a great learning experience…I just keep telling myself their growing pains :-) .” -Sara
  • “I just had a bike accident on Saturday that prevented me from doing a triathlon I trained for 3 months to do. This has been coming up in my mind all day and I am countering the negative thought- If I would have walked my bike I would not have crashed, with the positive- thank god I didn’t get that hurt from the wreck. I am going to be doing this a lot this week I can tell, but your challenge will keep me thinking positive!” –Aly at This Kat is Krazy
  • “Negative: “I’m not valuable or talented enough to actually have or deserve a day job and work environment that I love.” (Actually had myself believing this today….) But thanks for the reminder to counter POSITIVE: “I AM valuable and talented enough, but am still young, only 2 years into full-time working, and just haven’t found the right career to maximize my potential and passions yet!”” -Whitney

Your Project Think Positive Quotes

I also asked you guys to share your favorite positive thinking quotes. Here are a few of them, along with some quotes I’ve shared on my TCL Facebook wall:

  • “When I have negative thoughts, they’re usually because I’m too scared to face what could happen if I challenged them. “You’ll never finish a race” = “you’ll have to really apply yourself in training for the race in order to accomplish it, and it might get tough,” for example. That quote always puts things in perspective!” – Faith at For the Health of It
  • “A man is but the product of his thoughts; what he thinks, he becomes” ~Mahatma Gandhi
  • “Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.” -Willie Nelson
  • “My favorite quote: “The secret of attraction is to love yourself. Attractive people judge neither themselves nor others. They are open to gestures of love. They think about love, and express their love in every action. They know that love is not a mere sentiment, but the ultimate truth at the heart of the universe.” -Deepak Chopra” –Winifred at Strive and Surrender  


Does anyone have any new moments of positivity that you want to share? We’d love to hear from you. Please post a comment with the negative thought you had and then also post the positive thought that you used to squash that negativity!

3 thoughts on “Your Project Think Positive {Week 1} Responses”

  1. I love these examples and quotes! I’ve written the quotes down in my notebook ready for the next time I need a bit of an uplifting talking to 🙂

  2. I developed a knee injury this weekend and I was really mad about it. I actually thought screw positive thinking this is complete shit. Then I realized the challenge is not about stopping negative things from happening, but changing how you react to it for a better life. It is too stressful to be angry about things you cannot change.

    • “Then I realized the challenge is not about stopping negative things from happening, but changing how you react to it for a better life” – YES! Exactly! 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Ashley!


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