Swanky Theaters {Date Night}

Did you guys have a good weekend? Mine was jam-packed but with fun stuff. The laundry will just have to wait.


{Wth is wrong with my hair in this photo!? lol}

On Friday night, hubby and I went on a date.


We visited the swanky theaters at the Epicentre. I love these theaters because you can reserve your seat in advance and choose exactly where you want to sit in the theater. Oh, and the seats are super plush, oversized, and comfy, by the way.


You can even order food (not just popcorn, yo) and drinks (cocktails, etc.), which you can enjoy inside the theater. We had pizza, popcorn, and sodas and watched The Avengers. I thought the movie was really good, but I wish I’d seen all the related movies before since they hinted at them throughout the flick. Also, did anyone else think that “Jake” has come a long way since “Not Another Teen Movie?” Just me? Okay…


We weren’t quite ready to call it a night after the movie…plus, my sweet tooth was calling. So, we headed next door to the Ritz’s Bar Cocoa for dessert.



The prices are surprisingly reasonable on the sweets – about $1.25 for a truffle up to $22 for a whole cake.


We did not buy a whole cake. We did get two macarons and a cupcake for under $6.


We found a cozy seat next to the dessert bar and enjoyed some live music. The place was pretty packed!


{pistachio macaron}


{chocolate cupcake to share}


{red wine to go with the chocolate}


Date night was so fun. I think we’re going to have to repeat this one again soon!


By the way, thanks for the suggestions on my last outfit. I’m going to try those out…as soon as I get that laundry done. 😉


Reader question: What did you do this past weekend? Do you have any affordable date night ideas?

16 thoughts on “Swanky Theaters {Date Night}”

  1. I haven’t tried that pretty place before but I always pass by it. Do they have tulsi tea? My friend told me that Now I know pretty it is. So how is is the food? Is it great?

    • I don’t recall seeing tulsi tea on the menu at the Ritz. I think they had a green tea, a black tea, and a couple herbal teas – about 5-ish options, maybe. I haven’t had a good sampling of the food. I stayed there once for a holiday party, and I ordered breakfast room service, which was quite tasty. The desserts we had on this night were great! Def worth checking out – at least for dessert! 😉

  2. Love date nights 🙂 Last time I visited my Mom we went into Charlotte and looked around that theatre. Didn’t get to see a movie, but it looked like it would be fun!

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