Protein Baked Goods: Yay or Nay?

I don’t get protein baked goods. My (nonprofessional) gut reaction is that they’re weird and unnatural, but I’m not actually sure if protein baked goods suck or not. I can’t say that I’ve ever had them. I’m normally not one to judge something without giving it a shot, but can we maybe discuss?

I think the clean eater in me just doesn’t get the protein baked goods concept (medical concerns not taken into account – see below). Most protein powders are pretty processed. Even the protein powder I’m using (one I selected because it’s made from plant ingredients) isn’t exactly “clean” in the sense that I didn’t pluck it out of the ground. I mix my powder with water and use it as a post-workout protein source since it’s easy to pack before work and store in my bag all day. Anywho, I guess when I think of baking ingredients, I’m thinking flour (whether that’s unbleached all purpose, whole wheat, spelt, or a gluten-free substitute like almond flour, etc.), butter/oil, sugar, eggs/flaxseed eggs, etc. You know, the basics. I do like experimenting with vegan baking ingredients, but I try to stick to the clean ones there, too (like using flaxseeds for eggs). I can’t imagine adding protein powder let alone completely substituting flour with it, though I do understand some people like or need to do so.

I have seen on some sites that moms will post questions looking for ways to add protein to baked goods because their son/daughter can’t consume most protein sources. Since those situations don’t impact me, my personal preference is to seek natural, clean protein sources or to say hey, maybe that muffin doesn’t need to be protein-laden. And, I understand that I’m fortunate to be able to have many options when it comes to eating and to being able to make choices out of preference and not necessity. But, outside of having some sort of medical or other need, can someone help me understand if I’m missing something fabulous with these protein baked goods that I’m currently unlikely to try?

If protein baked goods make you happy or keep you healthy, then I say keep on keepin on. But if you were new to this concept and asked my opinion, I’d suggest looking for natural, whole food sources of protein first and if they don’t work for you (for medical or other reasons), then exploring protein powders, if that’s what you need to be healthy.


{Above: preview photo for a new muffin recipe I’m working on…made with flour…not protein}


Protein Baked Goods: Yay or Nay?

I did get this interesting tweet last night from one of my twitter friends who is an RD, and it was very interesting to read. Without knowing much about this topic, it seemed likely that some people may need to do protein baked goods, but I previously didn’t understand who. This tweet helped me understand one of the many medical reasons someone may need to opt for protein baked goods. Thanks, Samantha! You can check Samantha out on her blog, Nutrition to Fruition.

So, what say you? Protein baked goods: yay or nay? Why or why not?

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  1. As a vegan, plant-based eater, I understand where you are coming from but I use protein powder daily. I stick to the unflavoured varieties (it makes no sense when others tout the sugary laden flavoured ones). Mostly to add to my morning oats as it can be a challenge to consume enough protein on a vegan diet (despite the popular myth one needs little amounts of protein, I beg to differ). I rarely make baked goods but I have used clean ingredients to make protein brownies that were actually very good:

    In my mind, there are worse things than protein powder. 😉


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