Artisan Coffee at Due South Coffee in Taylors Mill {Greenville, SC}

Since we have Not Just Coffee in town, I’m spoiled with delicious coffee. I now look for high quality coffees with latte foam art wherever I go. Imagine my surprise when just such a coffee popped up on the @visitgreenvillesc Instagram account. Could it be that I could find a coffee shop like NJC when I visit my family in Greenville, SC?

Yes, as it turns out, I can thanks to Due South Coffee opening up just one week before my last visit. I had to check it out before heading home, so I grabbed hubby and my sis for a quick stop.


Due South Coffee is actually in Taylors, SC, which is not incorporated as a city, but you may need to know that if you’re looking it up on a map/GPS. (Use “Taylors” in the search instead of “Greenville”)

The coffee shop is in an up-and-coming new area of town – Taylors Mills. More on that at the end of this post, but they’re in the early restoration stages. As we pulled onto the mill property, sis and hubby were skeptical that we were in the right place, but you just go to the Dock 3 sign and take a right. The sign is small, but it’s just there on the left on the inside corner. It looks a little like you’ve entered an abandoned property, but the coffee shop is there, and there are more businesses coming soon!


The scene is very mod-industrial. I loved the homage to the past visible throughout the space. For example, there was a glass-enclosed display on one wall asking if you “knew your parts.” Inside were little metal (what looked to be) machinery pieces that were labeled.


Currently, there’s one main bar area where you can sit or order drinks. There’s a large couch section, and then a couple round tables throughout.


{I had enough coffee that day, so I opted for the hot chocolate, especially after I found out they make their own chocolate!}

But, the main attraction is the drinks. They have a real artisan touch since Due South Coffee roasts their own coffee beans and makes their own chocolate. Each drink is artfully created. Due South Coffee serves up the usual suspects like lattes and pour-overs, but they also have unique offerings like a coffee flight (espresso served three ways) and a speciality drink called the Southern Hemisphere, which features chilled espresso with rosemary infused milk and grapefruit syrup.

Do I even need to tell you that our drinks were delicious? They were! Hubby tried the flight, and Sis and I got hot chocolates. I can’t wait to try an espresso drink next time!


There’s a property company currently working to renovate the space, the old Taylors Southern Bleachery, as a new hot spot for luxury living, restaurants, and a huge art scene. There will be event space, artist studios, and more! You can check out the Taylors Mill Properties web site for more information and updates.

Welcome, Due South Coffee! And good luck to Taylors Mill Properties with the rest of the renovation. Love what you guys are doing!

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  1. Also, see to it that you follow the correct coffee beans and water proportion. Putting too much water and little coffee beans in the coffee maker will certainly yield a poor and “weak” brew. A general rule when brewing is to put 2 tablespoons of grounded coffee beans for every 6 ounces of water.


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