The Chic Life Mobile Makeover {Take 2}

After making the first upgrade to Sunday morning, I wasn’t able to work with the template just the way I wanted. So, I spent Sunday afternoon researching for a new one. I finally took the plunge while the game was on, but it was getting too late to install the new framework and theme I’d purchased. If anything broke during the updates, I’d have very little time to fix the site (or I’d have to stay up in the wee hours to do so).

I held off for a little bit, but finally on Monday night after work, a viewing party for Dion (who just started a fabulous new job in Tampa, FL), and dinner with my friend Erin, I couldn’t wait any longer. I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best as I made updates in the back-end of the site.


Luckily, things went smoothly, so TCL has a new look…again! This is pretty much just a newly installed theme, so I haven’t been able to make all the updates I want. I’m hoping to spend some more QT with it this weekend.

Till then, this newest look should be mobile and tablet (in addition to the desktop and laptop, as always). Hope you enjoy the new look!

Thanks for reading,


PS – Lots of projects in the work behind-the-scenes right now! Hope to share more soon!

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