Insta-Chic {5-4-2014}

Phew! It’s been quite a weekend! Hope you all had a great one.


After working Friday, I rushed home to quickly eat some pizza before heading off to volunteer at Green Jeans. When you volunteer with GJ, you can earn some additional percentage (5-10% depending on your hours) of your sales. I opted to work three three-hour shifts, one on each day of the weekend. The Friday shift went by pretty quickly. I worked the designer booth and got to scope out the goodies there. I picked out a couple things to gamble on. If they were there the next night when I’d have early access to the half off shopping, I’d think about getting them.


The next morning, my dance fitness company led the warm up for the AIDS Walk and then participated in the two mile walk. The weather couldn’t have been better for the event! We started at Gateway Village and then headed straight into uptown and back. We had a rolling speaker blasting music that got the crowd around us going. It was a beautiful walk.


I snapped a photo of this sign while we were on the walk. I love the message – “Celebrate everyone!”


Post-walk lunch was Viva Chicken. Yum!


And my friend Sarah and I picked up Fourth Ward Bread Company’s new kronuts for dessert. I thought kronuts were supposed to be cut like donuts, but this one was more like a fried croissant rolled in cinnamon sugar. It didn’t have the same layers the previous version did, but it tasted good.

After lunch, I headed off with more of my dance friends for a two-hour Sales & Procedures training session that I led. Training went well, and we even ended a little bit early, which was great because I wanted a little breather before my next Green Jeans shift.


I had a 6-9pm volunteer shift at Green Jeans. The shifts are really fun because you get to work with and talk to cool people…and play with clothes. It reminded me a bit of my days working retail at J. Crew, but here you see the same volunteers from event to event. So, it’s nice to see the familiar faces and catch up.


I managed to get a little shopping done after my shift. This is an added bonus of volunteering – it takes a little less time because you’ve already helped put clothes back and sort racks and know what’s there instead of digging through later. Just a tip for any of you considering consigning at the fall event.


Sunday morning was my big break in the weekend. Hubby and I had breakfast on our back porch. We have to enjoy the spring weather out there while we can because soon it will be so humid and hot. Not to mention the mosquitos and other bugs will be in full force very shortly.


My last shift of the Green Jeans sale was Sunday afternoon where I worked the last hour of the sale and then two hours of breakdown. Breakdown consisted of sorting for the first bit. I like organizing things, so I enjoyed it. They had a really thorough system, and everyone was hustling. I stayed a little late to help sort, which worked out well because all of my things were ready to take home, so I didn’t have to come back during the official pick-up.

And above are my leftovers from the sale. I’ll do a recap post about how sales went. And I need to do one for the things I bought, too! I found some goodies at this sale, including a beautiful designer shawl. Can’t wait to share!

Have a great week, everyone!

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