Too Faced Life’s a Festival Makeup Palette Try-On

I knew I shouldn’t buy it, but I did. You see, friends, I was out shopping with a girlfriend when I spotted this gorgeous Too Faced Life’s a Festival makeup palette at Sephora off of Fifth Ave in NYC. The packaging and makeup colors drew me right over, and I found myself thinking…wow, I really have nowhere to wear this. As I started swatching the eye colors on the back of my hand. Though I’m not planning to attend any festivals, and this palette is likely more appropriate for college-Diana, there was something about this that drew me in. My friend suggested I shop around the store a bit more and see if I forget about this palette. Did you think I did?

Too Faced Life's a Festival Makeup Palette Try-On

Of course not! Look at it! I’m a sucker for all things unicorn and sparkly. Haha!

Here are the colors inside. As you can see, these are very fun. So, they’re more for special occasions, fun outings, vacations, and what not.

Though I don’t know where I’m wearing most of these color yet,┬áit’s totally okay. If you follow me on Instagram (@thechiclife), you’ll know I posted a photo of this Too Faced Life’s a Festival makeup palette with a caption about staying playful. Because, life’s too short to be serious all the time! Maybe I shouldn’t wear this makeup to work? Perhaps I will anyway?

You see, I managed to put together a fairly neutral look using two of the eye colors over my other everyday makeup. So, here’s what it looks like on:

I’m wearing a neutral base topped with “Desert Vibes” for transition. For the pop of color, I added “Fireflies” to my lid.

And I’m rocking my Good Vibes Only oversized sweatshirt by VibeTees over at Etsy.

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