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You guys have sent me many questions over the years, so I’ve started compiling them here on this ZinCon FAQ page for others to see. Hopefully, this is helpful for you! If you read through this and still have questions, please feel free to reach out via my Contact page or by leaving a comment. I’d love to hear from you!

Zumba Convention 2016 - leaving the fitness concert
The scene at the. end of the Fitness Concert!

Help! I Can’t Find the Registration Page, and I want to Register for ZinCon!

Zumba takes the convention site down every year in between ZinCons. A bit before each year’s event, they will bring the site back up but with info only to start (session descriptions, featured instructors, etc.).

Registration won’t be open until they announce it. They usually open registration relatively close to the actual event. Zumba doesn’t have a set schedule for this, so I recommend staying tuned for emails with updates from Zumba.

How Do You Know Which Session to Attend?

When you register, you’ll be able to select your choices for which sessions and/or trainings you’d like to do. There are SO many great options! (This is a sample schedule from a past event – each ZinCon will have a fresh schedule, and Zumba introduces new options and presenters every year)

These are my personal tips on picking Zumba Convention sessions/trainings:

  • Ask a friend who has been before: When I attended my first ZinCon, I was fortunate to have friends who had already been. They told me which they liked (and some they didn’t). But bear in mind, these are just opinions. Over the years, there have been sessions that didn’t gel with my friends that were my favorites. And that’s the great thing about ZinCon – there’s something for everyone.
  • Read through session descriptions: Zumba has put together a really comprehensive list of trainings and flavors here. Read through them and see which resonate with you or sound interesting.
  • Find your favorite ZES/ZJ: Sometimes certain ZESs/ZJs will really resonate with you. Look for their sessions.
  • Consider what will be most useful for you: What styles does your class like the most? Do you? What would be fun to add to the mix in your classes? Are you there to learn choreography
  • Consider what will be most fun for you: What’s your favorite style of music? Dance? What’s pulling on your heart?
  • Check out my blog posts: I’ve tried to capture the feeling of the sessions I’ve attended over the years in my blog posts, which are all linked on my Zumba Convention page here (click). These posts feature pictures (and vlogs in 2015!) to help you get a sense of what ZinCon is like.

I’ll be sharing my favorite sessions in an upcoming blog post, so be sure to subscribe to my email newsletter so you can get a copy of that in your inbox.

Should I Do a Training at ZinCon?

In my personal opinion, the trainings are something I feel like I can get to almost any time of year. Whereas the flavors and some other sessions you can only do once a year at ZinCon.

So, I prefer to do the flavors and master classes. However, if there’s a training you haven’t seen offered in your area or a ZES/etc. leading the training that you couldn’t normally see, that could be worth missing the once-a-year sessions.

Me with Steve Boedt and Kass Martin at Zumba Convention 2018
Me after a Zumba Pro Skills training with Steve and Kass

For example, in 2018, I found out that Steve Boedt would be teaching Zumba Pro Skills with Kass Martin. So A) Steve created Pro Skills so who better to take this session with? And B) I love the dynamic duo that is Steve + Kass – any chance to do a session with both of them is great! So, I did Zumba Pro Skills training at the 2018 ZinCon.

What Should I Pack for Zumba Convention?

Packing for Zumba Convention
Want to know what to pack for ZinCon? I have a whole blog post about it. Get the link below.

I wrote a blog post about what to pack for Zumba Convention, which you can get to by clicking here.

Where Should I Stay for ZinCon? Which Hotel Is Best?

There are three main hotels for Zumba Convention (and Zumba usually offers discounts for these):

  • The Hyatt
  • The Hilton
  • The Rosen

The Hyatt Orlando

This is one of the main locations for ZinCon overall. Many of the main events, like the theme party, happen here. Several sessions are held here as well. This is a convenient location for most events and sessions. A benefit of this hotel is that it’s connected to the OCC and Hilton via a raised and covered walkway. This is convenient when it’s hot or raining.

The Hilton Orlando

This is my personal fave hotel for ZinCon. The Hilton is quieter than the other hotels. It’s a little further away. But there are sometimes sessions here too, which is super convenient. The Hilton features a nice pool and lazy river. A benefit of this hotel is that it’s connected to the OCC and Hilton via a raised and covered walkway. This is convenient when it’s hot or raining.

The Rosen

I’ve never stayed here, but I heard it’s the party hotel. Can someone confirm in the comments. This hotel is super close to the OCC and other hotels. However, it’s not connected via the raised walkway, which is not ideal when it’s super hot or raining.

Other Options

I’ve also heard of people staying at other nearby hotels, though they often have noted they’re not as convenient / they had to drive to sessions and events. Some others have rented condos and other types of accommodations.

What Should I Eat at ZinCon?

There are SO many options for food at ZinCon.

Where to Eat During Zumba Convention

  • My personal approach and recommendation is to get groceries for breakfast and lunch and eat dinner out.
  • There are several food stands at the Convention Center and Hyatt
  • There are some quick bites / grab-and-go spots at the Hyatt and the Hilton
  • David’s at the Hilton (nicer sit down restaurant)

My Favorite Restaurants Near ZinCon

If you’re wanting to venture out, my top picks for nearby restaurants are:

  • Cafe Tu Tu Tango (Fun and lively tapas spot – more casual)
  • Roy’s (Hawaiian-inspired food – a little fancy)

Where to Get Groceries

  • Walgreens: Walking distance from the hotels and OCC
  • Publix: Short drive (I’ve actually walked here from the Hilton – 1 mile from the Hilton, 3-5 minute drive)
  • Whole Foods: About a 15 minute drive (on Turkey Lake Road)
  • Walmart: About 10-15 minute drive (on Turkey Lake Road)

How Much Does Zumba Convention Cost?

There are many factors that play into how much Zumba Convention costs. I spent several hours reviewing my receipts (that I could find!) and researching the ZinCon Facebook groups I’m in to write this blog post about Zumba Convention costs.

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Please note: I’m not affiliated with Zumba or Zumba Convention, but I have attended ZinCon many times. I put together these pages because I had many questions when I was attending my first convention and thought you may too! Hope this helps!