How Much Does Zumba Convention Cost? (Plus Tips to Save and Splurge)

So, you’re interested in attending ZinCon and are in research mode. If you’re wondering, “How much does Zumba Convention cost?” I’ve got you covered in this post! Keep reading for a breakdown on ZinCon costs for registration, hotel, travel, food, and more. Plus I’m sharing tips to save and/or splurge.

Text reads: Zumba Convention Costs. Background image is a collage of photos from different Zumba Conventions over the year.

Where Do These Zumba Convention Costs and Money Tips Come From?

Me and my friend Paola at Zumba Convention 2017. We are standing in front of the ZinCon fitness concert banner.
Hi, I’m Diana! I’ve been attending most Zumba Conventions since 2011, and I share ZinCon tips here on my blog. Here I am (left) with my friend Paola (right) at ZinCon 2017!

I’ve been attending Zumba Convention most years since 2011, so I have a lot of experience attending ZinCon. I’ve learned a lot over the years from friends, as well as trial and error. Plus, I’m a member of a couple different Zumba Convention Facebook groups, so I was able to do some research for you.

A couple quick notes on this blog post:

  • Source: Research via Facebook groups / my personal expenses, receipts, and experience
  • Currency: Costs are in USD unless otherwise specified
  • Costs are for the average trip: arriving Thursday and leaving Sunday (4 days, 3 nights)
  • Costs can change each year: while I’ve tried to provide real numbers from actual past events, it’s important to note that the current cost could change each year – please use Zumba for the actual cost for the year you want to attend
  • Ranges VARY depending on how you want to travel: the lowest I’ve seen someone say they spent is $800, the highest is $5k but there are MANY things that can make your costs different – I explain more below

Ready to answer the question: “How much does Zumba Convention cost?” Let’s dig in!

So, How Much Does Zumba Convention Cost?

A group at a session at Zumba Convention 2013

Zumba Convention costs approximately $1 – 2.5k USD, depending on many factors like where you’re traveling from, if you’re budgeting, how much you’re spending on Zumbawear, and what food you like. The cost can be lower or higher. Keep reading for more!

Overall Cost of Zumba Convention by Location

Here are some of the total costs I found in the various Facebook groups. I’ve removed names to protect the posters’ privacy. For the US – there were *several* posts, so I’ve included the rough average range.

  • US: $1.5-2.5k *average* (can be less or more)
    • Seattle: $2k (solo hotel)
  • Canada: $2500 CDN
  • Netherlands (Europe): 2500 euros
  • Australia: $5k
Me shopping at the Zumbawear Store at Zumba Convention.
How much you spend on Zumbawear can really impact the overall cost of your Zumba Convention trip.

Lowest and Highest ZinCon Costs I’ve Seen

From my research, people approach ZinCon very differently. For some, they choose to keep costs as low as possible. For others, they make ZinCon their big vacation of the year and/or are able to spend more.

I thought it would be interesting to share the lowest cost I saw as well as the highest.

  • Lowest: $800
  • Highest: $5000

Most people fall somewhere in the middle. So, let’s talk about average low and high costs by type.

Cost Breakdown Average Low to Average High

  • Zumba Convention Registration: $429 – $450
  • Airfare or Road Trip Gas: $200 – $1k
  • Airport Transportation (Lyft / Uber): $60
  • Hotel (3 Nights): $150 – $600 (see below section for how sharing a room can impact cost)
  • Food / Groceries: $50 – $150
  • Shopping (Zumbawear, etc.): $0 – $200+
  • Memories and Experience: priceless

How Much Are the Hotels?

A photo of the hotels near the Orlando Convention Center.
Here’s a photo of the Rosen to the left, the Hyatt back-middle, and the OCC. This photo is taken from the walkway between the Hilton and the OCC. This sort of gives you a sense of how far away everything is from each other. Though you’ll *really* get that once you’re walking all around.
  • Zumba usually offers discounted hotel rates through three hotels: Hyatt Regency, Hilton, Rosen Centre
  • The rates in 2019 were:
    • Hyatt Regency: $159.00 + TAX (Single/Double Occupancy)
    • Hilton Orlando: $159.00 USD + TAX (Single/Double Occupancy)
    • Rosen Centre: $135.00 USD + TAX (Single/Double Occupancy)
  • The link to reserve via the discounted rates is typically emailed to you with your registration confirmation (so after you register)
  • Rates are subject to change – we have to wait until when registration opens to see what the rates will be for the current year
  • From what I’ve read in the Facebook groups, there are many other nearby hotels that cost MUCH less – some within walking distance and some with shuttles

Why Does the Cost of Zumba Convention Vary So Much?

My friend Angie and me having dinner at Zumba Convention.
Food costs can vary widely depending on whether you get groceries for meals and snacks or opt to eat out. Or do a mix of both! Read below for different ways ZinCon costs can vary.

Reasons Zumba Convention Costs Vary

There are many factors that will cause the cost of your Zumba Convention trip to vary from others.

  • Flight costs range widely, especially for US vs International Travel
    • A flight in the US can range from roughly $200 – $600 depending on where you’re traveling from
    • My actual ZinCon flights:
      • From NYC in 2017: $290.40
      • From SF in 2018: $694.41
    • Flight costs I found from my research:
      • $248 from Boston
      • $900 from Germany
      • $1000 from the UK
      • $1500 from Australia (Melbourne)
  • If you do a road trip instead and share gas with someone, costs can be far lower than a flight
  • If you stay in a hotel alone versus sharing with 4 people total, the range is quite broad:
    • As an example: my hotel cost at the Hilton in 2019 was about $575 for 3 nights
      • This is $575 for one person
      • This is $287.50/person for two people
      • This is $156.25/person for four people (Note: there is typically a $25 charge / person over double occupancy, so the total here would be $625)
  • Costs will also vary depending on how much you eat out, how much you spend on groceries, and if you tack on any other activities to your trip (see the next two sections for more)

Additional Expenses

Me at Disney World Orlando, FL.
A lot of Zumba Convention attendees like to add on a trip to Disney or Universal. It’s a great idea since it’s so close to ZinCon, but of course this will impact the overall cost of your trip.

Adding these can increase the cost of your overall Zumba Convention trip:

  • Parking at Zumba Convention can be approximately $20-25/day if you’re not staying at a hotel that is within walking distance (Note: if you drive to the hotels, they typically have parking charges, as well, even if you’re a guest)
  • Shopping at the ZinCon store / buying Zumbawear
  • Attending any Zumba pre or after parties
  • Shopping at the outlets nearby
  • Doing any fancy dinners out
  • Adding a vacation (Disney, Universal)

Save or Splurge on Your ZinCon Trip

Diana jumping in front of the Let's Make Orlando Shake Zumba Convention banner in front of the Fitness Concert location

Whether you want to save or splurge at Zumba Convention, there are ways to honor your money preferences. I hope these tips help you plan the kind of ZinCon experience that works best for you!

Ways to Save Money at Zumba Convention

Groceries for Zumba Convention.
My Zumba Convention groceries in 2016. I had snacks and lunch covered. I got these at Publix.

While many people are excited to attend ZinCon, they also want to be budget-conscious. And this is totally do-able! There are many ways to save money:

  • Register during early bird (historically Zumba has offered a discount for those who registered early)
  • Share a hotel with roommates (2-4 per room)
  • Stay at one of the “non-ZinCon” hotels (apparently they cost a lot less – I read good things about the Days Inn near the Rosen, but I’ve never personally stayed there)
  • US: drive / do a road trip to save on flights (split gas if possible)
  • Split the Lyft/Uber to and from the airport
  • Buy groceries for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and water (get dets on nearby grocery stores on my ZinCon FAQ page)
  • Avoid fancy dinners or other meals
  • Do not buy any / a lot of the ZinCon Zumbawear

Ways to Splurge at Zumba Convention

A photo collage of a glass of prosecco, a chicken entree with vegetables and potatoes, and a cookie.
Most years I get groceries for lunch and snacks and have moderate dinners with one celebratory, fancier dinner – ZinCon is sometimes one of my bigger vacations of the years

While some like to save, for some, this is your chance to go all out! Here are some ways to live it up and splurge:

  • Stay in your ideal hotel – only share a room if you really want
  • Travel how you want – fly first class if that feels good to you
  • Buy groceries for anything you want but also know you can eat out for breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks, and snacks
  • Have some fancy dinners with your Zumba friends (get my favorite nearby restaurants on my ZinCon FAQ page)
  • Buy as much Zumba Convention Zumbawear you want
  • Book a spa treatment at your hotel (if you book this on the last day, you may be able to store your luggage at the spa *and* get a shower after your last session – check with your preferred spa to be sure, though)
  • Go shopping at one of the many great shopping areas nearby – the outlets, local malls, and other shops
  • Tack on an Orlando vacation:
    • Visit Disney
    • Explore Universal Studios
    • Or try another one of Orlando’s many awesome tourist attractions 
  • Add a trip elsewhere nearby in Orlando
    • Daytona Beach (about 1 hour by car)
    • Kennedy Space Center (about 1 hour by car)

Summary: How Much Does Zumba Convention Cost?

Text reads: How Much Does Zumba Convention Cost? Background image is a collage of photos from different Zumba Conventions over the year.

When figuring out how much it costs to Zumba Convention, it really comes down to your personal preferences and location.

There are many ways to save, splurge, or do a little bit of both. And travel from somewhere close in FL is going to cost a lot less than someone flying from Australia. Eating most of your meals out is going to cost a lot more than getting groceries for most or even all of your meals.

A group leaves the Zumba Convention Fitness Concert in 2016
Zumba Convention can have a very “choose your own adventure” cost. While some save, some splurge, and some fall in the middle, almost everyone agrees that the memories are priceless.

Outside of your physical location, the good news is that there are many ways to align your ZinCon trip to your preferred budget. Hopefully this post helps you plan the perfect Zumba Convention trip for YOU!


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Hope you enjoyed this blog post on How Much Does Zumba Convention Cost? (Plus Tips to Save and Splurge).

Want to help your fellow Zumba Convention friends? Comment your ZinCon cost below (feel free to share as much or as little as you’re comfortable with). Share your money saving/splurging tips too!

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