Here’s what my past clients say

Working with my clients lights me up! I love our work together, and it’s always so lovely to hear how their experiences were too. Please note: I began shifting into a focus on health coaching in the fall of 2021, so below is a mix of health and manifestation coaching clients. Cheers!

Journal and Drinks with Citrus

“Diana is the ultimate health coach.”

“Diana is the ultimate health coach. I have been pursuing weight loss for over a decade and have been following various strategies and tactics from health magazines and other online info, but I have not been able to produce significant results. I think this was because I didn’t have a clearly defined pathway to reduce my weight and unearth my abs. During last year in the pandemic, many people had gained weight, myself included — due to closed gyms and longer work hours which included a lot of sitting. I reached out to the Diana, and we created a plan which included maintaining a food diary, analyzing trends from my entries, getting a sense of my caloric intake without calorie counting, and devising a strategy to lose weight and also boost my nutrition. I have been able to lose 7lbs in a short period of time and have been armed with an actionable framework plus nutritional knowledge. This is just the start, Diana is great at meeting her clients where they are and creating a customized plan. I feel more productive and have high energy since I have started working with Diana!”

ali, 1:1 health coaching client {senior manager, doordash}

“I’d recommend Diana’s coaching program a million times over.”

“After working with Diana, I gained a whole new mindset. I’m happy, hopeful and positive most of the time now. It’s been drastic. I’ve also been able to manifest some cool things like clearing the toxic people from my office and getting a traffic infraction reduced to a parking ticket. After working with Diana, I feel amazing, happier, more excited for the future, hopeful and all around much better in general. Diana has amazing energy and is easy to listen to and talk with. My future looks bright, happy, full of gratitude, peaceful, abundant, joyful, relaxed, fun and free of my old negative thoughts. I’d recommend Diana’s coaching program a million times over. It gives you a fresh perspective full of happiness, positivity, joy and gratitude!”

Sarah, 1:1 manifestation coaching client

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*She didn’t know the how, but she manifested an amazing new job that also told her to move to her dream state (where the company is located!) whenever she wants*

Prior to the program, I was really overwhelmed with work and just feeling generally unbalanced, without knowing why. Everything looked good on paper, but something was definitely off. I really truly enjoyed the program. Some exercises felt simple on the face of them, but taking the time to actually DO them brought immediate realizations and answers I was somehow missing before. It was a fantastic program experience.

Ali, 1:1 manifestation coaching client

“I now have a new take on my life and the wonderful things I can see.”

Before my coaching experience, my life was in a rut due to all of my autoimmune diseases. I felt as though nothing was possible and had some type of pity party in the daily. I now have a new take on my life and the wonderful things I can see.

Silvia, 1:1 Manifestation Coaching Client

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Flatlay with a notebook, flower, pen, glasses, and a planner

“I recommend this anyone who is feeling lost or scattered”

Diana is the High Vibe Queen! She has a gift of being able to connect to others and bring out the best in them. Her High Vibe Challenge had a profound impact on my life in the short 5 days I participated. I was able to align my intentions on a handful of items rather than trying to focus on everything all at once. It was truly an amazing challenge and I recommend this anyone who is feeling lost or scattered.

Tasha, challenge participant

Okay…your turn!

Imagine having everything you want now

Health goals? You crush them with ease. Results? You’ve got them and maintain them on auto-pilot. Food? You love it and eat an overall healthy diet (including your favorite foods) in JOY. How different could your life look like after we work together?

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