Who Wears Short-Shorts?

Not me…not yet at least…I’ll explain in a minute.

First off…how fabulous were everyone’s comments yesterday on my post about using clothes for weight loss goals?! If you haven’t seen them yet, take a looksie – lots of great opinions in there (and if you haven’t weighed in yet I’d love to hear yours)! Click here to view them.

There were great POVs on why using clothes for weight loss goals can be good and bad and tips for how to do it the right way, if you think the idea meshes with your style in a positive way.

Let me fast-forward to breakfast quickly and we’ll return to the fun clothes talk.


I wanted another one of these for breakfast, but instead, I went with oatmeal:


Blueberry oatmeal, that is!


Oh yes, blueberry oatmeal with the fabulous, giant, plump, fresh blueberries picked up from the Farmers Market this past weekend. Yummers! I made mine this morning with almond milk and added flaxseed meal and coconut flakes on top.

I’d go into more eats, but it’s midnight and I’m sleepy…


I often find myself using clothes for weight loss goals or measurements in general.

When it comes to clothes and weight loss, I’ve had:

  • Fat jeans
  • Skinny jeans
  • “Goal” pants
  • Short-shorts
  • and probably numerous other things I can’t think of at this time…

As for those short shorts…Around January of last year, when I was in my exercise rut and 15 pounds heavier and trying to work my way back to my happy weight, I thought…how wonderful would it be if I could pull off wearing short-shorts to zumba class.


I don’t mean like those soffe shorts…I mean, short, tight, bicycle-shorts-style short-shorts!

I mean…if I could comfortably and confidently wear short-shorts to class…that would be something, wouldn’t it?!

Pictured above is the pair I purchased last week. I haven’t worn them yet.

My goal to wear the short-shorts is amplified now by the fact that I’m an instructor-in-training and am announced as such in the beginning and end of each zumba class. Translation – I am often finding myself at the front of the classroom with half or more of the class staring at me (and potentially…my short-shorts).


The truth is…though I am now 15 lbs lighter and at a great place with my weight, size, and health…these shorts still terrify the living daylights out of me! So, why buy them, right?! I actually got them to wear under that skirt in case I ever want to go punk-rock-style to my friend Megan’s class again (or for future events). The white tennis shorts weren’t cutting it. 😆 So, to wear these tiny shorts under a skirt is pretty safe, but to wear them all alone…that says something! That I’m crazy? Maybe. But, I’m hoping that whenever I find the courage to wear these short-shorts to class, it says, at least to myself, that I’m confident! :)

Have you ever had clothes you were afraid to wear? Tell me your story – what the clothes were, why you were afraid of them. Did you ever wear them!? Why or why not?

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  1. says

    Oh I have a total fear of short shorts!! I feel much more confident in bermudas. I would LOVE for one day to be comfortable in something above the knee, but my thighs have always been my enemy :(

  2. says

    I teach a class called BODYATTACK and I have an adorable orange sports bra with the logo on it… and yet I cannot summon enough confidence to teach class in just the sports bra! I’ve come close once or twice, but always ended up putting a shirt on top. I’m not giving up though!!

  3. says

    I haven’t worn anything short in years, because my legs, though full of muscle, still have some fat and cellulite on top of them.

    I am definitely afraid to wear shorts in public, but hope that I’ll be able to later this summer, because I really want one of those adorable rompers!!

  4. says

    Mostly non-workout shorts. I just can’t find any that are flattering. They never look dressy or classy on me either.

    Another one? Skinny jeans. I finally found a pair of skinny-er leg jeans not long ago. they aren’t super tight at the ankle, but even they still make me nervous!

    Both of these clothing dilemmas stem from my athletic thighs and proportionately large hips for my upper body.

  5. Diana says

    I teach yoga and have gained weight over the last year. I have 1-2 big and baggy tops that I wear to cover my belly and bum in my yoga pants.
    My goal is to look good in my pants with a cute, form-fitting top to teach beginning in September.
    Thanks for the post!

  6. says

    I would definitley never by something that I didn’t intend to wear – but that’s probably because I am so frugal with my money lol. On the other hand, I do have skin tight dresses and jeggings that I sometimes feel like thinking twice about before wearing because they tell it allll! In situations like these, I usually feel way better about myself knowing how physically active and healthy I am. (:

  7. Amy says

    I am scared to death to wear shorts. I wear jeans all summer my mom,sisters and friends want me to wear shorts but I start shaking at the idea. Any help would be appreciated. Mom said over christmas vacation I am going to wear them we are going to my aunts in texas.

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