World Cup Snack Party


Despite my late night last night, I woke up fairly early and was pretty productive from the get go.

I spent the morning tending to my garden and pulling weeds around the yard.

Here are some garden update photos:


My very first Mr Stripey heirloom tomato is coming in…woohoo!


My cherry tomato plants are still going crazy – look at all those pops of red!


I have more green zebra tomatoes coming in. Can’t wait to eat these suckers!


And my green bean plants are going pretty steady.

I planted 18 more green bean seeds in my garden. I couldn’t think of any other small plants to put in for the summer and the beets I planted all disappeared (were eaten?).


Are these what baby green peppers look like? They were flowers and now they look like this. I keep thinking they’ll be green peppers soon, but this keeps happening…


They fall off! As if! Anyone seen this problem before?


Hubby informed me around 11am that he invited friends over for an impromptu World Cup party. Thusly the rest of my morning was spent grocery shopping and prepping for that.

I tried to research Spanish and Dutch appetizers, but given the short amount of time I couldn’t find much. A quick google search yielded a few results.

I did want to do:

  • Cheese – for the Dutch, specifically gouda or smoked gouda
  • Tapas – for the Spanish, specifically empanadas, croquettes, or meatballs in tomato sauce

But, like I said, I didn’t have a lot of time to get ready so I headed to Trader Joe’s in search of some semi-homemade ideas.


Hubby also requested cupcakes with icing in the two teams’ colors.

Thusly, the cupcakes were the first to be cooked up, so they’d have time to cool. I used a box mix from Trader Joe’s.

IMG_6748.jpg IMG_6749.jpg

While I worked on eats in the kitchen the boys snacked on guacamole and tortilla chips (brought over by Tim) and TJ’s spinach and sour cream dip with TJ’s pita chips.

I wanted to put out gouda cheese and crackers (I purchased both gouda and smoked gouda at TJ’s) but we ended up not having many people make our last minute invite.


I sipped on a Pom Wonderful (*) mocktail with a squeeze of lime juice while I worked away in the kitchen.


I also had a lil baking project going on in the midst of everything else – more on this later. I’d been planning this one for a week, so it was going to happen world cup party or not.


I also made TJ’s frozen meatballs in marinara sauce jazzed up with white wine and garlic powder. This was like a semi-homemade version of a Spanish tapas dish.


I used tomatoes from my parent’s garden to make…


club sandwiches! (Doesn’t fit with Spanish or Dutch themes, but hubby and I were already planning to eat it for lunch and didn’t want it to go bad).

Know how to make 4 club sandwiches feed 5 people?


Cut them into fourths! I feel like people feel more satiated when they eat with their eyes and sometimes the act of eating 2 small portions seems more filling than 1 medium. The sandwiches actually looked really cute this way and were much more party-friendly than full sandwiches.


Meatballs are served!


Bailey was jealous of all our yummy eats!


My plate – 2 club sandwich bites, one meatball, and…


…a mini tomato salad made with tomatoes and basil from my garden, plus EVOO and balsamic vinaigrette. Doesn’t look like much but I also didn’t photograph the dips and chips I snacked on earlier. :)

IMG_6758.jpg IMG_6759.jpg

As for my frostings, I use a gel color (purchased at Michael’s) to color vanilla frosting. I used this recipe for the frosting (click). I thought the frosting was a little liquidy and much thinner than traditional cup cake frosting, but I really liked it – especially once you let it set awhile.




Cupcakes. Red for Spain and Orange for the Netherlands. I love a good sweet!


And I even had a little more cupcake batter than I anticipated. So I put it in a mini baking dish (the same one I use for my individual berry crisps) and turned it into a mini cake!


I decided whichever team won would get the icing color for my mini-cake.



Do you have casual, sports-themed parties at your house? What do you like to serve?

Roller Derby Girls


Alright! My camera has charged and I’ve got the other photos to share with you guys!

Here are some from Saturday’s farmer’s market:






We found some great stuff: organic purple okra, organic bell peppers, silver corn, cage-free eggs, organic jalapenos, and organic blueberries.



And they were also filming a cooking show at the market! Too bad it wasn’t for my cooking show. :lol:


And about that “weird” outfit (click to view)

We went to the…




The roller derby that is. I danced with my fellow dance fitness and zumba instructors at the half time of the game! Here are some photos from our fun-filled afternoon:

IMG_3487.jpg IMG_3499.jpg




Seeing a theme? lol



I wore my pink converse again – guess they were a good purchase afterall!

Photos from our dancing (thanks to Alex!)






The last photo is my fave – great action shot!

Gosh I love our demos. As I slowly conquer my stage fright, I find that these group events are one of the easiest to swallow – probably because I have the safety net of the group. Hey, it let’s me have fun instead of worrying about all the people watching at least!


After our performance, I grabbed a homemade lemonade at the concession stand. So refreshing! :)

Post performance a bunch of us headed out for a night on the town! My camera died at the derby so I have no pictures to share. Sorry!

Fun times!

Big Eyes Al Fresco


Longest day ever yesterday! Ok, not ever, but it was surely non-stop action! Thusly I am just getting to you guys…


Just have to share this photo of coffee yesterday morning – I LOVE the colors!

Hubby and I hit up the farmers market but my pictures from that are on another camera (and the battery for that camera is charging), so I’ll share those later.


For lunch, we used a Groupon to hit up a new place in town – Sunset Grille.

PS If you havent signed up for Groupon yet, you totally should! I got a $20 gift certificate to this place for only $10! :) Click here to get more info on Groupon.


Hubby and I chose a nice spot outdoors to enjoy some fresh air and dine al fresco.



We loved the self-serve, ice cold pitcher of water they brought to our table.



We got chips and guac and salsa to start.

I filled up way too much on the chips and dips!


I ordered the BBQ burger because their burgers are cooked in a brick oven…neat!

Unfortunately, I was so full from chips, I only managed to eat about 1/4 of this burger and a fraction of the fries.


Hubby got a web burrito. I had a bite and it was awesome!


We also shared some lovely collards. They were very flavorful (but they did have meat in them in case you’re a non-meat-eater).

Hubby and I loved the food and server was really friendly and prompt. We’d definitely come back here again. I’m kind of eyeing their crab cakes! :)


Hubby and I had a serious case of “Big Eyes” as my dad would call it. When your eyes are bigger than your stomach and you try to eat more food than you actually can. We had so much freakin food leftover when our meal was over!

We should have just ordered maybe the dips and ONE entree ….or just two entrees and no appetizer. I mean, I think hubby has already eaten the leftovers but there are some things that don’t work well as leftovers and I hate to waste food (and money).

We tend to do this (order too much food) when we go out, even though I constantly try to share food to minimize the leftovers. Even if we have a good deal (groupon) we order too much, negating the savings we should have made. I think it’s great we’ve identified the problem so now we can fix it. I think a lot of it is hubby, after having waited tables several years, feels bad at having a super low check. I’m a little more cheap when it comes to this because I’ve definitely ordered a small meal and water and only that. I don’t see anything wrong with having a small tab, especially if you tip fairly for it. I typically leave a minimum $2, even if my bill was only $7 or 8. Of course, if the bill was over $10, I’d leave more. I’m usually a 20%-er.

Do you tend to order too much food when you go out?

IMG_6705.jpg IMG_6697.jpg


You may be wondering why I’m dressed like this. The pictures from my other camera will explain in due time. ;)

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