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Here’s our view from the lake house. Once in awhile we see someone passing by on canoe or kayak.

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With that gorgeous view in front of me, I blogged away this morning whilst hubby checked up on the news.

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Then we headed out in search of wifi.

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Uploaded posts, caught up on email, and twittered away for a bit this morning from this beautiful porch looking over the lake.

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Totally loving my nail polish color btw!

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Salad – baby spinach, arugula, cherry tomatoes from our garden, sunflower seeds, balsamic.

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followed by leftover veggie lasagna from dinner, cheesy toast on GH honey WW and a Pom Wonderful (*) mocktail with a squeeze of lime.

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Totally enjoyed the mocktail whilst browsing my Martha Stewart Liv ing.

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The boys worked on the puzzle more today.

IMG_7602 (640x427)

And finally finished it! Woohoo!

Veggie Family Dinner


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I should have snapped a photo of all the rooms before we settled in but…alas – here’s the beautiful chaos of a vacation home-  snacks and personal items strewn about in that we’re-on-vacation-and-not-picking-up-out-stuff way that totally doesn’t bother me.

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Hubby and I were in charge of dinner Sunday night. We got all our groceries from Trader Joe’s and were all ready to prepare a fabulous vegetarian dinner, since half of hubby’s fam are non-meat-eaters.

IMG_7406 (640x427)

Recognize this?

When we offered to cook dinner for 8, we weren’t exactly sure what to make. We knew it had to be vegetarian and kid friendly. What feeds a lot of people with ease? Lasagna! Lasagna + vegetarian = Kath’s The Best Vegetable Lasagna (click for recipe)!

We figured since we liked it so much the first time we made it that hopefully it would go over well in hubby’s family.

NOTE: To adjust for our large family, we made the lasagna in a 9”x12” casserole dish and just added some extra sauce, lasagna noodles, and veggies (used the same amount of cheese, though).

IMG_7410 (640x427)

We cracked open this bottle of Green Fin California table wine (made with organic grapes) to sip on whilst the lasagna baked away.

IMG_7416 (640x427) IMG_7420 (640x427) IMG_7422 (640x427) IMG_7413 (640x427)

We also cut up some havarti cheese, which we served with crackers alongside the wine for the family to nibble on.

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Hubby and I set the table and prepped salads.

IMG_7430 (640x427) IMG_7431 (640x427)

Dinner would not be complete for us without BREAD! We brought a bunch of Great Harvest Virginia rolls with us for our veggie family dinner. They were a BIG hit!

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Salad time!

IMG_7437 (640x427)

All baked up and looking deliciously ooey-gooey!

IMG_7441 (640x427) IMG_7445 (640x427)

IMG_7451 (640x427)

I served myself a generous portion.

IMG_7457 (640x427)

I love how Bailey snuck into this family photo from dinner. :lol:

IMG_7465 (640x427)

Post-dinner, I had some organic cherries for dessert.

IMG_7468 (640x427)

Hubby found a puzzle for us to work on.

IMG_7467 (640x427)

It’s a 3 foot long puzzle of New York City!

I tackled the text section on the bottom – note how much more complete it is than the other parts. ;) haha jk the other parts were harder to do than mine.

IMG_7472 (640x427)

Banana bread made for great puzzle food.

I totally got wrapped up in this puzzle. It was 1am before I knew it so I decided to hit the sack.

What do you like to cook when you’re feeding a large party (8+)? I could use your tips for next time! :)

Cozy Lil Porch


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Alex decided I needed a better picture of the tadpole they caught outside.

IMG_7288 (640x427)

I was hanging out with family on the screened in porch when Alex said – now you can get a picture of the tadpole! Imagine my surprise at seeing the poor little guy in Alex’s hand. Alex’s dad reminded him that a fish out of water was like an asthma attack, so Alex quickly put the tadpole back in the bucket of water he had.

IMG_7291 (640x427)

There’s lots of wildlife out here – bugs, butterflies, snakes.

IMG_7296 (640x427) IMG_7302 (640x427)

It started raining yesterday morning and was gray and cloudy the rest of the day. We even lost power for a few hours. :( But, we made the best of it and still had a great time.

IMG_7321 (640x427)

IMG_7329 (640x427)

IMG_7326 (640x427)

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Hubby and I wandered around a bit scoping out the scenery.

IMG_7338 (640x427)

Then, hubby geared Bailey up for some water fun.

IMG_7340 (640x427)

Lake swimming!

IMG_7355 (640x427)

Bailey hated the life vest. He loved the water. He liked licking the water too. Ewww! lol

IMG_7367 (640x427)

The butterflies loved the beach. There were tons out there.

IMG_7378 (640x427)

Hubby and I hit up the pub for lunch. We split a pizza.

IMG_7379 (640x427)

They had some sort of private party outside for another group. When the group left, they said we could have any of the leftovers we wanted. We decided to take the leftovers back to hubby’s family. A group of 8 can always use more food and I would hate for all the leftovers to just be thrown away.

IMG_7387 (640x427)

We scored brownies. Unfortunately they weren’t very good. I decided it wasn’t worth the calories to eat my piece and just had a large bite.

IMG_7390 (640x427) IMG_7392 (640x427)

Upon returning to the lake house, I did something I never seem to have time to do at home – paint my nails! I went for a light pink Essie color with a fast-dry top polish. The fast-dry top coat actually worked pretty well! Perhaps I could make more time for nail-painting at home? I never seem to sit still long enough to do it, but at least I know the fast-drop top coat works.

IMG_7396 (640x427)

I also put on my comfy, extra thick socks and lounged in my PJ’s. Ahhh.

IMG_7400 (640x427)

Totally enjoying this porch right now – it’s a great spot for blogging! :) So cozy and relaxing just hanging out here and enjoying the music of nature.

What simple thing do you never seem to have time to do?

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