Mountain Greetings

Greetings from the Carolina mountains!


We’re having a blast here enjoying the fresh mountain air and some winter activities.


We even went ice skating!


And we found some really interesting stuff in this book at a coffee shop in Boone, NC. Reeeeally interesting. 😉

I’ll be back tomorrow with lots more photos (80 of them!), but for now…it’s late, so I’m off to catch some zzzzzzzzsssssss.

Oh and my taste testers have sent in positive reviews of that coconut cream pie. Suh-weet! I need to make another batch and if all goes well, I’ll be sharing the recipe soon! Woohoo!

Hope you’re all having a fabulous weekend!  *Hugs*

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  1. says

    Boone NC!!! OMG I HAVE BEEN THERE!!!!

    We used to live in Wrightsville Beach (Wilmington NC ) and Myrtle BEach for 2 yrs each. And went skiing w/ friends up in Boone one winter. And knew tons of ppl who were from Boone.


    Enjoy your time up there!

  2. says

    I think I know that coffee shop. :) My brother went to school at App and I took my GRE there plus visited him a bunch of times. Looks like you ladies are having fun!

  3. Wil says

    Ha, I owned that coffee house. That book is on a shelf at home now. Hope we were good & kind hosts and that you enjoyed yourself.

    • says

      Hi Wil, How cool! You were great hosts. We really enjoyed visiting your coffee house. How many of those books do you have total? It looked like people really loved to fill them out. There were so many interesting notes and drawings in there!

      • Wil says

        Three books total. We closed beansTalk in mid 2011, it was a very sad day brought about by the property owner (long story). it broke our hearts but the books are a great way to visit that time. Ive been trying to find a good way to digitize the pages with consideration to publishing them as a blog or website but havent found the right answer yet.

        • says

          Sorry to hear that, but I’m glad you have the books! It must be fun to flip through those! I don’t know much about digitizing books, but you could probably just snap a phone photo of a section of a page or a particular drawing or note and share that via Instagram, etc. Maybe build a following around the snippets while you figure out how to publish the whole book? Good luck! :)

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