Two-Toned Eyes


I loved your fill-in-the-blank responses on my Facebook wall earlier today. Fill-in-the-blanks remind me of Mad Libs! Did you guys ever play those? I think I had at least a dozen all filled out at one point in time. My sister and I used to do them on road trips all the time…until we got road sickness of writing/reading in the car. lol Whatever happened to those Mad Libs books? I really miss them.


Yay carbs!


I had one of my favorite pre-workout snacks today in one of my new bowls


Simple banana oatmeal! I made mine with rice milk, chia seeds, coconut flakes, and sliced almonds.

IMG_3458.jpg IMG_3460.jpg

I tried something new with my makeup to teach Zumba tonight – two toned eye colors!


I haven’t done anything this crazy since probably college…or since the last time I went to class and wore glitter eye liner, if you want to get technical. ;)

I did a pretty, kelly green on the inside of my lid and then a pinky-purple on the outside. I wore black eye liner and then put some glitter eye liner over that for some sparkle. I wish I had better photos but I just snapped these quickly before class.

As for class, it was wonderful! I’m really loving my new location. The venue is beautiful and the participants are so fun!

My favorite songs tonight were:

  • Que Te Pica
  • Maria
  • Crazy Little Thing Called Love

In the spirit of my Facebook post earlier, let’s do a little game!

Fill in the blank: I love my _____________ because it makes me feel ____________!

Work Chic: Investment Pants


I got all Stacy + Clinton on a pair of pants recently.


I’ve always been an off-the-rack shopper.


It wasn’t until I started watching What Not to Wear that I even considered getting clothes tailored.


So, while I’m sure I’m a little more late to the game than most, I’ve finally taken the plunge.


My weight has fluctuated significantly over the last several years and thusly my pants are in various sizes and shapes. Basically, none of them fit just right. I’m going to go through them and get them tailored one by one, but most recently, I purchased a pair of investment pants at J Crew. They weren’t the cheapest, but I’m hoping they’ll last awhile. I got a simple, black, classic-styled pair of pants in a mid weight wool that I can wear year round. I’ve purchased pants at various stores over the years, but the J Crew ones by far fit my body best.

I was torn between two different sizes. The smaller one was a little too tight and the larger one a little too big. I ended up going with the bigger size and having J Crew take them in. They also hemmed the pants to take them up a wee bit.

I wore them to work for the first time today and they fit like a charm. Yay for custom-fit pants!

If you work in a professional environment requiring dressy or business casual attire, I definitely recommend purchasing some investment pants. You’re looking for a classic color (black or gray) that will go with a lot of your other clothes and accessories in a professional (not clubbing-tight or low-cut) style. Get at least one nice pair, and get a tailor to help them fit you juuuuust right. ;)

I purchased my pants at J Crew, but I also really like getting work clothes at:

  • Banana Republic
  • Ann Taylor LOFT
  • Ann Taylor
  • Gap
  • Limited
  • Department Stores (Belk, Nordstrom, etc.)

Where’s your favorite place to get work clothes?

Cheap Chic Kitchen Goodies


I had some retail therapy at the mall the other day.


When I was younger, I purchased clothes. Now, I purchase random kitchen goodies. I ended up picking up a few random and affordable things at Sur la Table the other day.


A sparkly, pink spatula by Le Creuset – $8.


New napkins – $1.99 each

Mini heart dishes – $1 each


A mini Le Creuset dish with lid – $20 (not super cheap, but compared to the full-size version, a steal!)


Oven thermometer – $8.



Hubby made dinner tonight.


Earthfare cheeseburgers, Alexia waffle fries, and grilled asparagus. He even got to bust out the grill! I can’t wait till the weather warms up more and we can use the grill all the time.


Bailey says hey guys! He also wants you to visit my Facebook page (click) for exclusive Bailey photos and other fun times.

And check the bloggie around 11am ET on Wednesday for a new Work Chic post about the perfect pair of pants for (business casual) work.

Have you found any cheap-chic kitchen goodies lately? What are they?

Dirty Thirty


This past weekend was extra fun because of some special birthday celebrations.


My friends Erica and Toya celebrated their dirty 30 birthdays!



Erica’s dad whipped up a delicious BBQ-birthday lunch complete with homemade spicy-sweet sauce. Yum!


Of course there was birthday cake. Really great cake!


Then more cake!

Then a night of dancing. I mean like 8-2am dancing. Oh yea!


I left my big camera at home. It didn’t fit in my tiny Coach bag and forgot to take photos during most of the party. So, while I only have a few iPhone photos from the weekend…


…I’ll always have the memories. ;)


And then we have Monday.


I decided to try something new for dinner – Lundberg Roasted Brown Rice Couscous. I guess this is supposed to be the couscous alternative for those who eat gluten-free. I just bought it because it cooked pretty fast and because there was $1 off coupon for it at Earthfare.


Nutrition facts.


Ingredient list.


Since I was buying dinner groceries around 9pm, I went with easy eats – a chicken roll-up (spinach feta), the couscous, and steamed broccoli.

The meal was simple and tasty. Not so much fast (the chicken took about 35 minutes), but it was cheaper than getting take-out and much more yummy.


As for the cous cous – I think it was more sticky than traditional cous cous. It also wasn’t as fluffy, but maybe that’s because the box directions didn’t have any fluffing steps. I think it was mostly due to the sticky nature of the rice. The texture was really close to regular cous cous, though, and the flavor was nice. I also liked how the cook time was much shorter than that for regular brown rice. I’d definitely eat this again. And I’ll have to. The tiny box made a whole bunch – way more than I needed for just one meal for me! lol



Happy birthday Toya!


Happy birthday Erica!


Reader question: Do you try new food products because of coupons?

Best. Chocolate. Cupcake. Ever.


Please allow me to introduce you to someone special.


Sure, she may not look like much up front.


I mean, she has gorgeous curves…


But she looks like a regular chocolate cupcake, right?




So wrong. Because hidden in the center of this bad boy is a filling almost cream! And you guys know how I feel about almond-flavored things. I adore them! The almond filling took this chocolate cupcake over the top in both flavor and overall texture. The fluffy cake…the sweet, creamy filling. Aaaaaaamazing!

Now…if I could only figure out where this came from. Hmm…?

*Update: The cupcake is from Viva la Cupcake in Roanoke, VA!* (So close, but so far away! lol)

5 Chic Things – March 27, 2011


Here are five random, but Chic things from this past weekend:

1. My new Crate and Barrel Plate


I kind of want to get one in every color now.


2. My mini Coach bag


I can’t believe I actually squeezed everything I needed for a night on the town in this tiny bag, because it’s basically the size of my iPhone. It was so worth it though – it’s hard to dance when you’re holding a giant bag!

In the bag:

  • iPhone
  • lip gloss
  • business card holder containing: ID, credit card, cash, business cards


3. Trader Joe’s Cinnamon Rolls


Growing up my family always made those yummy refrigerated cinnamon rolls from Pillsbury. When I started actually reading food labels a couple years ago, I swore them off, much to hubby’s chagrin. Although these Trader Joe’s cinnamon rolls aren’t healthy at all, I like to think of them as a better indulgence than their more processed and preservative-laden “cousin.”


4. Bailey


Bailey is always chic. Here he is watching hubby doing yard work. Good guard-doggy!

IMG_9713.jpg IMG_9721.jpg

5. Homemade mac and cheese


Hubby and I often use Annie’s mac and cheese when we want a quick meal. But this weekend, when I realized we had a bag of open shredded cheddar and elbow macaroni, I decided to see if I could do a relatively quick and easy from-scratch version.


I did a play on dad’s famous mac and cheese recipe and you know what…comfort food win! It was fab. I still prefer dad’s version because of the pulled, gooey cheese factor, but this was great for Sunday’s chilly afternoon.


What’s something chic from your weekend?

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