I had some retail therapy at the mall the other day.


When I was younger, I purchased clothes. Now, I purchase random kitchen goodies. I ended up picking up a few random and affordable things at Sur la Table the other day.


A sparkly, pink spatula by Le Creuset – $8.


New napkins – $1.99 each

Mini heart dishes – $1 each


A mini Le Creuset dish with lid – $20 (not super cheap, but compared to the full-size version, a steal!)


Oven thermometer – $8.



Hubby made dinner tonight.


Earthfare cheeseburgers, Alexia waffle fries, and grilled asparagus. He even got to bust out the grill! I can’t wait till the weather warms up more and we can use the grill all the time.


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Have you found any cheap-chic kitchen goodies lately? What are they?