Kronuts Have Hit Charlotte, NC!

Update: Sadly, Fourth Ward has closed since the writing of this post. However, the mastermind behind these kronuts, Desserts Specialists LLC, has opened a kiosk called Cafe Ganache at Southpark Mall where you can purchase these delicious treats. You can also find other delicious baked goods and chocolate truffles. As of this update (10/11/2015), the kiosk is located right near Center Court, the main square above the entrance for the lower parking deck, right next to L’Occitane and close to Lilly Pulitzer. You can also contact them for catering for your next party or special event. Click here for my other posts about Charlotte, NC.

When I heard kronuts were finally available in the Queen City, I knew I needed to find out more…Stat! I learned from my friend Keia’s article on Creative Loafing that Fourth Ward Bread Company was planning to kick off their grand opening with a kronut bar from 6:00-6:30pm last Friday. Naturally, I planned to be there to help celebrate and do some research for you guys.


And, “What is a kronut?” you may ask.

Kronut = croissant + donut

Yup, you read that right! It’s the next big thing since sliced…err…the cupcake.


Located off of Graham Street in uptown Charlotte, this new bakery is centrally located. There is a lot of construction around Graham Street for the baseball stadium, so there may be detours, but they are worth it if you can get your hands on the elusive kronut. Trust me!




I love the open, airy feeling inside the bakery that welcomes you with a big bear hug of natural light.





I left straight from work to hit up the grand opening and arrived just in time to see the kronuts in process.



{Crème Brûlée in progress}




{Crème Brûlée – complete}




I was so excited to finally try the famous kronut. Could it really live up to all the hype? Flavor-wise, I went for my favorite – Nutella. I ordered two – one for me and one for hubby.


However, after just a bite or two, I knew I needed more. More flakey, sweet, doughy, chocolately goodness. More edible happiness.


Just look at all those layers. How could you not want just one more kronut?

I ended up finishing my first kronut and got two more to go (Strawberry and Crème Brûlée). I figured dinner would probably be a good idea, so I went home for savory eats before digging into my last kronut…which ended up being half of the Nutella and half of the Crème Brûlée.

I will need more of these very soon, I can already tell.


But, Fourth Ward Bread Company has more than just kronuts! They will also be serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner most nights, so check em out for all kinds of eats. Grab a nice, sunny spot to read a book. Get some treats to go. Go crazy!

Tip #1: I’ve heard the kronuts sell out in about the first hour of opening, so if you want kronuts, go early! Your dessert-stomach will thank me!

Tip #2: Follow @sugarrmann on Instagram for behind the scene photos of the delicious baked goods at Fourth Ward Bread Company!

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Which do you think is ruling the dessert world – the kronut or the cupcake?

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  1. Marie says

    Those cronuts looks a LOT better than the one I tried up here in NY. Enjoy – they look delicious! (remind me a little of apple cider donuts!)

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