Lost Dog Cafe – Folly Beach, SC

Since our hotel for the WordCamp conference was only 15 minutes away from Folly Beach, hubby found a great, dog-friendly restaurant there for us to visit for Sunday lunch before we had to hit the road. We went to the very popular Lost Dog Cafe – Folly Beach, SC.

Lost Dog Cafe - Folly Beach, SC #restaurant

The restaurant was abuzz with people and lots and lots of dogs all around. They were on a wait, so we decided to enjoy the fresh air and hang out with Bailey outside. There’s a cute mini-park next to the restaurant where many people took their dogs, and we moved that way as the tables started getting seated.

Lost Dog Cafe - Folly Beach, SC #restaurant

The restaurant features two patio areas (that I saw) – one in the front and one on the side.

Lost Dog Cafe - Folly Beach, SC #restaurant

I was glad we got to sit at the one on the side because we had a great view of the park, and the greenery all around was really relaxing.

Lost Dog Cafe - Folly Beach, SC #restaurant

The menu featured a great selection of mason jar mimosas. Since hubby was driving, I got a refreshing bellini with sparkling wine and carbonated peach juice.

Lost Dog Cafe - Folly Beach, SC #restaurant

You can order breakfast or lunch any time the restaurant is open. We struggled to choose which path we wanted to stick to (everything sounded so good!) and ended up ordering a few different things to share.

We started with a bowl of the she crab soup, which came with bagel crisps. We pretty much try to order she crab soup at least once when we visit Charleston, and we really enjoyed the flavor of this one. The crisps were a nice touch, and I enjoyed breaking off pieces and dipping them into the soup.

Lost Dog Cafe - Folly Beach, SC #restaurant

We also got a soft pretzel, which came out with honey mustard. I saw a lot of people ordering this while they were waiting for their table, but we’ll probably skip this one next time and get another one of the baked goodness pictured at the end of this post instead.

Lost Dog Cafe - Folly Beach, SC #restaurant


Lost Dog Cafe - Folly Beach, SC #restaurant

For the main event, we ordered the special – mahi mahi. We really enjoyed this. First off, there was a great combination of things on the plate. There was the beautifully crusted fish, roasted potatoes, a vegetable medley (with all of hubby’s faves!), and more bagel crisps. I wish I could get this in Charlotte. I could eat this once a week!

Lost Dog Cafe - Folly Beach, SC #restaurant

And we just had to order the cinnamon roll, which was delicious. The layers of this were really light and flaky, and the roll practically melted in your mouth. Our only mistake was not ordering two. One to eat then and one for the road.

Lost Dog Cafe - Folly Beach, SC #restaurant

We really enjoyed our experience at Lost Dog Cafe. I could see us eating here almost once a day if we were staying the beach.

Lost Dog Cafe - Folly Beach, SC #restaurant

Whenever I visit somewhere, I like getting a shirt for my tourist-y take-home. I saw a big selection of shirts and other wares near the restroom and decided to take this pink unisex t-shirt home.

Till next time, Lost Dog Cafe!


By the way, I’ve started a Pinterest board with photos from the restaurants we’ve visited in Charleston, SC. Click here to check out my Charleston, SC Pinterest board!

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  1. Amelia says

    This is our favorite weekend breakfast/brunch spot. We like to hop on our bikes for the 3 mile ride and enjoy breakfast. I don’t think I’ve ever ordered anything I didn’t like. Kevin loves their biscuits and gravy, Benedict, and quiche of the day. I’m head over heels for their pancakes and hash browns. So good! Oh and those cinnamon rolls are sinful! My dad swears by the breakfast burrito….it’s massive though. It would take me 3 meals to finish, no joke.
    Glad you had a great time in charleston! Next visit, stop by Bohemian Bull on Folly Rd on the wY to the beach or back home. They have INCREDIBLE burgers made in house with local beef.

    • says

      Hey sweetie! I was in town for a conference, and I’m short on vacation days, so it was a quick weekend for me! Def next time! I need to stay longer. Would love to see you! :)

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