Dog Wash

We gave Bailey his second dog wash ever this weekend.  As most dogs and dog owners would expect, he wasn’t a big fan of the whole experience.


He was pretty tolerant of it all when he was in the shower


Which was probably because Dan was in the shower, too, keeping him in check


He spazzed out a little when we were trying to towel dry him off, but I snuggled with him on the couch and kept him warm under a blanket, so he forgave me.  All was forgiven and we have a much better smelling puppy now, so I like to think of it as a win-win.

We got the dog wash over with Friday after work giving us plenty of time to enjoy a glutinous weekend.  My SO’s b-day was Friday, so we went out to the OG (Olive Garden) Friday night, then to Macaroni Grill Saturday night with friends, and then I cooked tonight (will post on that later).  We totally pigged out, but hey, we were celebrating, right?

We also squeezed in a movie Saturday night and saw I am Legend.  Has anyone else seen that?  It’s a real pick-me-upper (not!), let me tell you.  On a quick tangent, every time I hear "Not!", I think of this. Such a funny movie, unlike the one I was originally posting about. Ok, back to the first movie.  While the movie is great and Will Smith is a good actor, I’m not usually very interested in seeing something so depressing.  I think you have to be in the right mood to see that type of movie.  Oh, and the scene where he goes into the dark?  FRRRREAKY!  I’m afraid of the dark and monsters and I used to have a german shepherd, so I was gripped with fear living that scene vicariously through Will Smith.  It was fun *pause* *pause* *pause* NOT!

4 thoughts on “Dog Wash”

  1. Awww… poor little wet Bailey…

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  2. LOL – poor Bailey! When I had a dog he used to run in circles until he got tired right after a bath like a crazy dog. Little did he know he was drying off quicker that way! LOL

    We saw the same movie and both of us hated it. I usually don't like to pay full price to see depressing movies (I'd rather rent them)but I had no idea this movie was going to be so morose. LOL – oh well, chalk it up to an experience.

  3. I am legend freaked me out too. Those scary mutant-people! His dog when she turns into one of "them". So sad. And scary but I loved it, really.

    I really dig your new typepad style!


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