Mom’s B-day: Japanese/Australian Lunch

Following the multi-cultural traditions of our family, my sister is currently dating a Japanese boy who lives in Australia with his family.  I guess that makes him Japanese-Australian?  My sis currently lives in the states with our fam, but she spent her past semester in Sydney, Australia as part of an exchange program through her school, and she actually stayed with her bf’s fam for the last couple weeks of her trip.  She came back home towards the end of December (just missed Christmas with us) and brought some newly learned culture with her.


On Sunday, after we enjoyed our cranberry-orange scones, we enjoyed a Japanese/Australian lunch cooked by my sis.  I call it Japanese/Australian because I’m not sure what part of the meal is authentic-Japanese or authentic-Australian, though my best guess is that it’s probably a little bit of both.  I hope I don’t offend anyone with my ignorance here, and if you know the authenticity of these dishes, please do leave a comment.


She made wonton soup and what she called "Australian Fried Rice."  The rice is towards the back with optional mini sausage "smokies" or bacon pieces.  She said that the rice is usually cooked with a meat and that in Australia she had different meats but the "smokies" were her fave.  However, being a picky eater herself, she was happy to cook up some bacon for my SO who doesn’t care for sausage-type meats.


The wonton soup was especially tasty what with all the cold, cold weather we had that day.  She actually made all those little wontons by hand.  I’ve made wonton soup before, but I used an Emeril Lagasse recipe


The Australian Fried Rice is apparently similar to how we (my fam) cook fried rice except my sis didn’t use soy sauce and she put in some sort of broth-paste.  We’re not sure what the broth-paste stuff is because it was in a can labeled completely in Japanese, but the food she cooked with it tasted good, so that’s all that matters.  My sis’s bf’s fam gave her the can before she left, so hopefully, she can find some more in a local Asian food store.  I’ll have to take her grocery shopping since she’s staying with us…that way she can cook us more!

5 thoughts on “Mom’s B-day: Japanese/Australian Lunch”

  1. If I had to guess (but I won't swear to it) perhaps the paste your sister used was miso paste? I have tried cooking several Japanese dishes because I love Japanese food. Miso paste is used in a lot of recipes as is Mirin, which is Japanese cooking wine. In any case, it all sounds yummy. I especially love the dishwear set she used. I like the shapes of the whole set!

  2. Hi Diana,
    Thanks for the fantastic advise, that is an amazing idea about the coupons, smart little girl you are!!
    Love the wonton soup, did the one you made by Emeril turn out good? I love that soup, but only certain places make it the way I like, so I might just try E.L.s recipe. Also beautiful pics today. Hugs to you and little Mr Furry paws.

  3. Oh the food looks so very appetizing:-). And wonton soup on a day like today would hit the spot right on:-). I love trying all types of new foods. Hubs goes to Japan alot, and I must say that some of the food he has eaten over there, I just don't think I could handle. I would have to find some kind of way to Americanize it *giggles*.
    Enjoy your evening!!


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