My sister is temporarily staying with us for an undetermined period of time…I wonder how loosely I should use the word "temporarily" when discussing this?  But, it doesn’t matter, because my sister is really cool.  Now, I have someone else in the house to crochet with, cook with, and someone who will bake lots of yummy things for me to eat…I mean for me and the SO to eat, of course.  My sister and I make a good combo when it comes to food.  While I’ve always had a thing for cooking, she’s always had a thing for baking.  Now, I enjoy a good bake fest like any other girl, but she’s in school and has that thing…what’s it called?  Oh yea, "free time."  So, bake away sis! 

Yesterday, it snowed and then iced over, as it tends to do in the South, and I don’t know about you, but snow/ice days always make me think of baking.  After I got off work, we went by the store and picked up ingrediants for chocolate chip cookies – the ones you can make using the recipe on the back of the Nestle Tollhouse chocolate chip bag.  It’s a pretty darn good recipe that I’d forgotten about for awhile, and one my mom used to make them a lot when we were kids.


Now, it seems nowadays, I am usually too tired after work to do much of anything, but funny how a pretty kitchen utensil or tool can help brighten you mood, no?  This (above) is a little Christmas present to myself.  I’ve been wanting a Kitchenaid for forever, but when I saw the one (like this) on Everyday Italian, I knew I had to find the color – it’s that perfect pastel turquoise color I’ve been trying to do in my kitchen and it’s just lovely.  I waited until after Christmas to find it on sale.


The Kitchenaid (I think I need to name her) made the mixing job so much easier than it would have been by hand or even by hand-held mixer.


And, I finally got a baking pan big enough to fit my Silpat…woohoo!


Here are the cookies all baked and ready for munching.


When the baking spree was finally over, I cozied up on the couch in my snuggliest, softest throw, slowly enjoyed my milk and cookies, and then did some relaxing knitting.  Ah, now that’s a nice way to unwind from work.

Any ideas on what I should name my Kitchenaid?