Bailey Says Hi

Our little angel has been pretty good lately.  A couple accidents here and there, but thank goodness nothing like the big one a few weeks back.  Of course, he’s just too cute to get mad at.  He knows my disappointed voice, so when I see him have an accident and say, "*gasp*…Bailey!" (in a louder than normal, guilt-inducing voice), he puts his ears down and looks down at the ground and you can tell how bad he feels just by looking at him.  You just can’t get mad at that…it’s impossible…really!  It says so on Wikipedia…somewhere.

My sister is staying with us for awhile, which is fine by my SO so far…primarily because she likes to bake and has been making yummy treats with (and for) us.  My sis and I were all hanging out in the kitchen last night baking cookies (photos to be posted soon), but Bailey wanted to be picked up so he could say hey to you, so I thought I’d post his message before posting about the cookies.


"Hey guys!"

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