Our Kind of Puppy Bowl

Yesterday, Marie left a comment (thanks sweetie!) about the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet, which got me thinking…hey…we sorta had our own little puppy bowl at our friends’ place.  Our friends have a Shiba Inu, Nikka, who is not a puppy anymore but just as playful.  I snapped a couple shots for fun and thought you guys may like to see how these little guys tired themselves out, sans the field and football gear.


Oh, and we didn’t have a football…we had a tennis ball and some random stuffies, which they wrestled over all night.


Look at how Bailey’s ears are back…now you know he means business!  Heehee!  I don’t think Bailey’s ever had more fun…except when he’s cuddling with mommy, of course.


Somebody’s tired!

4 thoughts on “Our Kind of Puppy Bowl”

  1. Lol Diana
    I love your description of the doggie events. Bailey has gotten so big, and he sure seems to be the boss in above playdate. Of course he loves being with his Mom the best, Mommies are extra special!! he he

  2. LOL – look at those cuties! Wow – Bailey has grown indeed. I love when dogs put their ears back. It makes them look all feisty but still puppy-cute at the same time! Glad they had their own fun! 🙂

  3. Oh my gosh!! Your Bailey looks like my Violets TWIN!!! AND I also have a Bailey but he's a Pemmie/Jack Russel mix. Check the photos on my blog!!


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